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Nursing Care Of the Family during Labor and Birth

NursingCare Of the Family during Labor and Birth

NursingCare Of the Family during Labor and Birth

Anumber of females usually use particular methods to deal with laborpain during childbirth however, the labor management is a primeresponsibility of a nurse. It is crucial for the laboring mother andthe nurse to develop mutual acceptable goals towards pain relief. Itis also important for the nurse to expedite this process throughconducting a comprehensive assessment, implementing promptinterventions, and providing a non-pharmacological method of painrelief.

Accordingto Pearson et al. (2013), pain relieve intervention is one of thenecessary facets of nursing care which have to be deliberated duringany woman’s labor. For the reason that it has resilient effect onmanagement of pain, opioids drugs are considered to be administeredto the patients in pain. These drugs are often administered to womenwho experience labor pain via IV or IM injections during theirinitial phase of labor.

Remarkably,when non-pharmacological pain relief is done aggressively, it canreduce patient’s pain hence aiding in an adequate experience forthe woman in labor (Davidson et al 2015). For the non-pharmacologicalpain management, the nurse might help the laboring woman during deepor profound breathing so as to minimize exhaustion and anxiety. Thenurse could also implement the usage of suitable positioning forinstance, by the use of pillows to stimulate circulation and relievediscomfort for the mother in labor. Counter- pressure and effleuragealso assist in relieving pain in women during birth of the childsince it helps the woman cope with lower back and abdomen pain.

Inconclusion, women should be educated on how to take care of theirlower backs and the methods they can use to nurse the fetus so that aminimum pain possible is experienced. The nurses should also teachthe women about the oral analgesics they might want to take duringlabor pain. According to Davidson et al, (2015)&nbspit is also vitalto inform any mother that when a chronic syndrome pain develops, shemust seek a psychological support from the nurses.


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