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Nursing care of the family during pregnancy

Nursingcare of the family during pregnancy

Nursingcare of the family during pregnancy

Theprenatal period is one of the crucial periods during pregnancy andpreparation for birth and becoming parents. It is the opportune timewhen family members and the health care team influence the health andwell-being of the expecting parents[ CITATION Pil14 l 1033 ].At this period, prenatal care playsan essential role in monitoring the child and ensuring parents getrelevant knowledge.


Diagnosisof the pregnancy ought to be done by a health professional so as tobe confident about the pregnancy indicators. After diagnosis, theestimated date of birth is calculated based upon the last menstrualperiod (LMP)[ CITATION Ald16 l 1033 ].It is vital for women to adapt to the pregnancy and the maternal roleto prepare for the new responsibilities. The adaptation processbegins with accepting the pregnancy and appreciating motherhood. Thefamily ought to be ready to provide physical and emotional support soas to ease and minimize pregnancy and birth complications. Theemotional connection between parents and the child starts during theprenatal period. Therefore, family members need to get attached tothe unborn baby through talking to the fetus or stroking the mother’sabdomen[ CITATION Ald16 l 1033 ].The preparation process of childbirth must include a couple ofactivities such as seeking advice, care, attending parenting classes,and talking to other women.


Theprenatal period is a delicate and crucial point in the preparation ofparenthood. Pregnant mothers need utmost care and support fromfamily, friends, and close neighbors to help get through thedifficult times of the pregnancy. It is important to have frequentvisits to the doctor to keep a close look at the development of thefetus. Therefore, pregnant mothers require care and attention fromfamily and medical professionals to thwart any difficulties.


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