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Nutrition, Diet, exercise and general health

Nutrition,Diet, exercise and general health

Nutrition,Diet, exercise and general health

  1. Is your weight within the proper range for your height? If yes, write a short note explaining why. If not, write a short note explaining why, and what you can do about it. Use the information you learned on the MyPlate website as a part of your answer.

Theanswer to this question is yes. This is because my BMI is 21.23, andit is within the normal weight category, which is also referred as ahealthy score. This BMI rating is nutritionally associated withlowest susceptibility to disease, longer life span, and also moreattractive in physical appearance compared to lower or higher BMIs.

  1. Look at the table below of current fast food trend.

Evaluatethis table, what do you see? How much fast food do you eat onaverage in a week? How might a fast food restaurant improve thenutritional quality of its food?

Americansare considerably reducing the fast food intake they do though someare unable to eliminate it. Approximately about 4 % admitted completeelimination in their diets. Few American people take fast food in aweek as compared to a decade ago 2006. Majority of the people arestill moved by taste, low price and convenience that come with fastfoods. I am in the category of taking fast foods about once a week.American fast foods places can improve their nutritional quality byfocusing more on fruits in their menus, doing variations onvegetables served per menu, they should also consider whole grains amenu and lastly they should serve more of fat-free or low fat milk.

  1. How do biological preferences influence what a person eats? Given an example.

Physiologicalsignals are prone to suppressing or inducing feeding. The eatingregulation neurophysiology entails the brain stem and hypothalamus,pancreas, and gastrointestinal system through brain’s feedbackloops. An example is when the body sends signals such as emptystomach or blood depletion of necessary nutrients.

  1. What effect do cultural preferences have on the American diet? Give an example.

SometimesAmericans eat in expression of appreciation of their culture, maybein expression of a sense of belonging as well as part of foundingfamily traditions. A good example is where an individual is forced toeat a piece of cake not because they are hungry but to appreciate abaked cake in their honor.

  1. An important step in promoting dietary change is to identify the nutrition-related knowledge and skills most needed by consumers to make the best choices for their health. It is also important to identify the other factors necessary for success, such as positive attitudes toward healthful eating, a supportive environment for dietary change and to develop effective promotion strategies for putting those factors into place. Give your thoughts and ideas in these areas and 3 things you would implement if you had the chance to change the future of nutrition in our country

Indeedthese proposed areas are very important and necessary in promotinghealthy eating habits and lifestyles. Healthy eating habits lead toreduction to many health complications and yield a productivesociety. Given a chance to change the future of nutrition in ourcountry, I would major on these there anchor pillars. First, I willformulate regulation governing all fast food places that they shouldobserve the nutritional composition of their menus. Secondly, I wouldinvest on public nutrition awareness across the country. This isbecause when the public is educated on the dangers arising from pooreating habits they become more careful. Lastly, I would incorporatein the school learning curricula the teaching of healthy eatinghabits. Once young pupils grow knowing what is healthy then theculture of nutritional, eating habits is promoted.