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Dear Sir,

I wish that this piece finds you well. Uponreflecting on the recently operational Patient Protection andAffordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare, I have personallydecided to draft this email to you, the governor, in a bid to expressmy dissatisfaction and point out some ethical and empirical flaws ofthis legislation (&quotWhyis Obamacare so controversial? – BBC News&quot, 2016).Being a governor of a state, I think that the federal government isimposing a ruling that will strain your state and others. Since thecourt passed that states may willingly refuse to participate in theexpansion of Medicaid, you may as wellwithdraw. However, the people who willsuffer most are the poor beneficiaries of the Medicaid program (&quotWhyis Obamacare so controversial? – BBC News&quot, 2016). Imagine apoor person in your state failing to access health carebecause of Obamacare? This would beunethical because it will be violating the American’s right toaccess good healthcare, which is supposed to beprovided by their rightfully elected government (Chinn &ampKramer, 2015, p.100).

The law has some benefits in that many people have beeninsured and the rates of uninsured individuals dropped by 5%since the execution of the legislation. Again, it allows young peopleto be covered by their parents till 26 years,and nobody has to be denied insurance when having a pre-existingmedical condition. Additionally, women arenot to be charged any more than men.However, the legislation has some flaws that outweigh the benefits.First, the decision by the Supreme Court to allow states to withdrawfrom administering Medicaid will further hurtthe poor people (&quotWhy is Obamacare so controversial? – BBCNews&quot, 2016). Again, many insurance companies have vowed to backout because the program has seen a rise in many people who aresigning up. This leads to an increased costof insurance for the people, and they mayeventually fail to meet that cost. Also, the fines put forth byObamacare are too lenient such that manycan benefit without working for it. Furthermore, the premiums areexpected to rise in the coming years starting from 2017 because thesubsidies from the government would reflect as a deficit in thenational budget (&quotWhy is Obamacare so controversial? – BBCNews&quot, 2016). This would see anincrease in the subsidies. Thus, the program is more of a disaster inthe long run because America is the biggest spender on healthcare on the globe, even without the legislation (Chinn &ampKramer, 2015, p.100).

In conclusion, Obamacare is a piece of legislationthat would lead to an increased economicstrain in America. The withdrawal of states in supporting Medicaidwould result in more poor people being leftout of good healthcare. Sir, I urge you to digest its content so thatyou may consider fostering the repeal of Obamacare. Your immediateconsideration is a major step of effectingyour mandate as an elected leader.

Thank you.


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