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Online Marketing Affecting Population


How Online Marketing has Affected New YorkCity’s Population

Online marketing entails advertisement ofproducts via social media and other trendy sites on the internet.Most business outlets have opted to use online marketing today sincemost people spend their time in the web browsing and chatting withfriends thus easy to catch their attention. Relatively, businesspremises in the New York City of United States use onlineadvertisement, and this has affected the population differently. Forexample, online marketing has resulted to impulse buying among theNew York City’s populace. The primary objective of this paper isdiscussing how online marketing has impacted on the people of NewYork City in the United States.

Effects of Online Marketing on the New York City’s Population inthe United States

Firstly,online promotion of goods in New York City has brewed impulse buyingbehavioramongst the population. Before the existence of the internet, thepeople of New York City only purchased certain goods when they hadplanned since they could not access the products quickly (Ferrier &ampFleming, 2014). However, the introduction of online advertisement ledto impulse buying behaviorsince they are capable of coming across the goods on the internetwhile browsing. Arguably, impulse buying leads to overspending whichis a tool for financial shortcomings.

Secondly,after the introduction of internet advertisement, the people of NewYork can access the best products available in the market. Thepresentationof webpublication meant that more people were accessible and only theseller with the best products would manage to attract more customers(Kotler, Shalowitz, &amp Stevens, 2008). In New York, businesspeople had to upgrade their products and services so that they couldkeep up with the competition that had been brought about by onlinepromotions. It meansthat the best products arenow available to the people ofthis city. Moreover, apart from the better quality products, onlinemarketing also ensured that the people of New York couldaccess varieties. Just like quality, business persons have to stockvarieties of their products so as to keep up with the competition(Klapdor, 2013). Better quality is of advantage to the people of NewYork City.

Thirdly,promotion of goods via the internet has saved a lot of New York’spopulace time. Online advertisingtranslates to online buying which means that a person does not haveto visit the outlet to purchase what they want (Hanafizadeh &ampPayam, 2012). Instead, the interestedbuyer just places their orders online, and the products aredelivered to their home oroffice. Delivery services have helped the people of New York Citysince that time used to visit the outlets is invested in some othersignificant activity. However, it is only fair to say that onlinebusiness has promoted laziness within the New City’s residents.Since there are delivery services after placing orders on theInternet, most people just spend time indoors instead of getting outparticipating in other healthy activities as well.

In conclusion, web promotion has had numerous effects ondifferent people. In New York, this is a common thing since mostbusinesses are now operating online to attract more customers. Thepeople of the city have been affected as well by this new trend inadvertising. Development of impulse buying amongst the population isan example of online advertising effects to the people of New York.Impulse buying develops because they have easy access to theproducts.


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