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Ontology or Metaphysics

Ontologyor Metaphysics


Theworld around us which we are part of and still what surrounds usincludes ourselves. Many philosophers and scientists have argued thatthere exists no supernatural power, which is their expert opinion asin philosophy, everyone is right in an own way. In the study ofphilosophy, it is like a debate where everybody in it has an opinionthat is acceptable as it is correct in its way or the other. In thatregard, the question of whether supernatural reality exists comes upin the mind of the researcher compiling this report in airing anargument as to whether divine reality is real. Martin Luther(1483-1546) is said to be the father of the Protestant churches inthe world as he realized that the lightening of that day was not justa natural occurrence, but some supernatural powers truly existed andbrought about the lightening. That contrasted what Isaac Newtonbrought in the limelight since when he saw the lightning, he thoughtit was just an ordinary scientific source of research and thus cameup with the law of nature. That explains the difference in whichhuman mind and perception see things, such that when we seesomething, different viewpoints and theories are raised, but thecommon issue that comes up is that it is a regular thing (Mackinlay,2016). Therefore, this study tries to unravel whether supernaturalreality exists.

Theaim of this study is to make us understand that spiritual reality isreal and exists. In this paper, an ontology which means existencewill be used to show that there is a reality in supernatural or whatis said to be the supreme power behind every occurrence, and shouldbe viewed as so even though there could find a scientific solution(Woodward, 2015). Metaphysics is another name for reality, which willbe used to show that all things that happen in life are real andthough they may be seen as spiritual, they are real as they are goingon in the physical to manifest what is supernatural (Marcum, 2015).That will be the primary task herein to combine reality and existenceand link the two concepts.

Spiritualthings happen in life, but we think that they are just normal andhappen ordinarily, which affects our level of appreciation in lifethat there is the power behind life. Take a case of breathing the airthat is said to be a gift of nature. What mechanisms are used tobreathe in and out, and also have a life for if one goes withoutbreathing, then death is in the offing. However, that is not just anordinary occurrence, as many biologists may try to put it in theirscience of respiration. There is the power that exists that issuperior and beyond understanding for any person to comprehend(Mackinlay, 2016). So many innovations have been fronted even to aidthose who have difficulties with their respiratory system to have anartificial system. But how about death? Can someone come up withinnovation to solve the problem of death? That is the power beingspoken about, that is unstoppable and no human understanding cancurtail its performance. That power is real and is in existence. Whena tree during heavy winds is broken and causes harm to humanity,could be life or activity, we never question the rationale behind theoccurrence. What we as human beings do is that we just view it as acommon issue and after that, no another matter emanates from thehuman mind. However, there could be a lesson the supernatural powerwants to teach humanity. Could be the activity is hazardous, or itcould be against the will of the Creator and could be the activitywas taking place at the wrong time. Many scientists will talk aboutthe center of gravity and the density the tree was carrying, the masswas too much, but for a period the tree was upstanding, and theweight has not been accumulated overnight.

Theexistence of supernatural power is controversial as many would arguethat it does, while others would say they do. Nonetheless, advocatesof supernatural power are supposed to be spiritual while those who donot say much are told to be ordinary. However, it is imperative toconfess the existence and believe in God who is the creator of allthings, both visible and invisible. The research will show that thespiritual and those who believe in God have a clear understandingthat though some happenings are backed with some scientific finds,they are not in any way natural. In fact, it has been noted that mostresearchers in science are firm believers in God, but their finds aretoo intriguing such that the weak tend to oppose the existence of God(Marcum, 2015). Many will say that it is a hydrological cycle forclouds to gather and end up in a downpour, while they do not tell theworld that kind of nature involved to have the clouds gather, amercethe required weight and then pour down in the form of rains. Further,how evaporation works is not in any way scientists or researchers cantell us how it is done. That is because their understanding can onlygo the depth of explaining the concept, which only God the maker cansay. Scientists give seasons names as winter, summer, autumn, andspring. How they all occur none of them can explain in termsunderstandable since it is not with their mandate to question thespiritual reality and its existence. Wondering whether supernaturalreality exists is like asking whether God exists. As earlier argued,many scientists and inventors of many laws trying to explain thesupernatural power give intriguing results that make them end updoubting the existence of God.

Thequestion is, &quotdoes the supernatural reality exist?&quot Yes, itdoes, and it is evident in many ways. To further the argument, thedivine reality is manifested by events and occurrences that areunusual and their explanations are quite a task to createunderstanding. Though science has replaced the values that Godimparted in people, it is clear that He does exist, and is depictedby the divine reality that lives with humanity. Thomas Hobbes(1588-1679) said that life is just the movement of body parts, a lifethat begins somewhere inside the body. He further asserts that itcannot be claimed that all the automata have any form of life inthem. As that is not enough, he said that heart is nothing but aspring, while nerves are many strings and joints are wheels that makethe body movable as it was the intention of the Creator. The man ison record arguing that although God created the world, he is notinvolved in its operations (Mackinlay, 2016). That was an expertopinion that is counted believable and real from a philosopher.However, when he says that &quotlife begins somewhere&quotSomewhere he could not understand as it is hard to tell where lifewas conceived unless one is a believer in the existence of God andthe theory of creation that is not read selectively. The argumentthat was raised by Hobbes was shallow as he could have explainedapart from understanding that parts are physical, life is spiritual(Woodward, 1015). That brings the other side of double standards ofhuman life that is spiritual carried by the physical, thus theMaterial God. Life is supernatural but being housed by the natural,as life stands out above the natural while that body is just mortal.

Itis said that the world is consisted by energy and matter wherematerialism is manifested, while it is also argued that there isnatural and supernatural. Where Christians demarcate all these fromeach other is the most critical point as the new persons claiming tobelieve in God have double edges which function within them. On oneside, they see things in a natural way which depicts the real view ofstuff where the world contains only matter and energy, while theother edge sees the spiritual side of the things. It has been arguedthat the old Christian only took all things as spiritual and nothingwas a natural occurrence. They believed that the world was God andthere was no another perception should be welcomed as long as peoplebelieved in God.

Inconclusion, the supernatural reality exists and cannot be overlookedas non-existent. Things happen in life and one is left wondering ifit is true that they are just normal, but one realizes they are not. However, the world today is balanced as people feel it is the timewhere education is paramount and for one to be useful, education hasto be part of the individual. Thus, supernatural and the naturalco-exist and work together. But there are those influencing others tonegate the existence of God which is crystal clear. The paper showedthat indeed, divine reality exists and cannot be understood how somethings work without God.


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