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Opposite View Persuasive Essay

OppositeView Persuasive Essay

OppositeView Persuasive Essay

Ibelieve that abortion is a wrongful killing of a human being. Whenthe heart stops beating, we are pronounced dead. Marquis(2011)states that abortion denies people their right to life. The life ofan individual starts at conception, and the parent should protect itup to the point of birth. From the religious point of view, abortionis a wrongful act and should only be done when the life of a motheris in danger, and performed by professionals. There have beencampaigns in various parts of the world discouraging the act ofabortion among women. I believe that the act of abortion goes againstthe commandment of God who gave a rule to the humankind not to takethe life of an individual away.

On the otherhand, I believe that abortion is essential in saving the life of awoman when in danger. Abortion can help to reduce the risk of deathto the parent (Pruss,2011).Pregnancy exposes a woman to additional threats that can affect herhealth condition. Abortion can therefore be a lifesaver. In case thewoman conceived through criminal activities such as rape, abortioncan help reduce stigmatization of the parent in future days.

Ibelieve that abortion is important when treating certain diseasesthat put the life of a woman is in danger. Some pregnancies can bedetrimental to the life a woman. Individuals suffering from variousdiseases including cancer can be required to undertake abortion tonecessitate proper treatment. Maloyand Patterson (2013)state that abortion makes it possible for the treatment of thediseases that helps to avoid risking the life of the parent and thechild during the treatment process.

Ibelieve that abortion increases the cost of the health of a country.Through abortion, the cost of the health of the country can go up.Abortion threatens the life of the mother by putting her into amedical risk. The cost has been utilizing the budget of the countrythat could have been employed in other productive activities of thecountry. By maintaining pregnancies to the end of the period can helpreduce the cost that could be used in treating women that have doneabortion.

Ibelieve that abortion is a negative way of controlling the populationof the country. Through abortion, the population of the countrydecreases through the continuous killing of unborn babies that couldcontribute to the growth of the economy. Marquis(2011)postulates that high population of a country can be important becauseit can help to maintain the value of the state through acceleratedgrowth. By killing, the unborn baby through abortion can reduce thepotential of the country through the contribution that it could make.I, therefore, believe that abortion affects the productivity of thecountry.

Ibelieve that abortion is detrimental to the values and beliefs of thereligions. Various religions across the world hold that life is agift from God and no one has the right of taking it away. Throughabortion, the person involved in committing abortion violates thebeliefs and values of the religion increasing unrest among people inthe community. The civil rights of the country call for fullobservance and respect. I believe abortion violates the public rightof an individual by taking away the life of the unborn child. Everyperson has a right to life


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