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Reply to Arthur Empey and Pierre Seel’s Fortunate

Both sources have similarities as well as differences on a matterpertaining Unit. First and foremost in both the Chemical Warfare inWorld War one and the story of Pierre Seel, there are human violationacts. For example in the story of Pierre Seel, her lover has murdereda clear indication of violating human right to live. It also happenedin the Chemical Warfare in World War, where the Germans used thepoisonous gas to attack people. Many people were killed during theattacks hence an abuse of human rights for life.

The relation of their occurrences is also similar. Empey tells usthat all these happened during world war one while in Seel`s case, ittook place in the world war two. A clear indication to show thatduring those times, there was no unit among the communities.

In both contexts, the main characters survive the brutality. Empeyescapes the horror of the poisonous gas whereas Seel made it from theprison. Where dogs tortured some of his prison mates, a good exampleis Jo.

Differences can as well be seen in the two contexts. For instance,in the narrative of Pierre Seel, he is jailed thus denying him thefreedom of movement. But in Empey case, he moves freely without anyrestrictions what so ever. The author has the comfort and freedom toexpress himself and to provide a dramatic description of theoccurrences (Empey 187-192) during this period. Seel finds it hard toshow the existence since people did not respect homosexuals in thecommunity. These made it very hard for people accused of beinghomosexual to have that freedom of expression during those days.

From my point of view, in both documents, there is this aspect offreedom of life. Actually, during World War one and World War two, itseems that people were denied this essential right. People werekilled some were brutally tortured to death. It is being exhibited inboth documents. At some point in World War two, technology starts totake over the world. It brings about a huge difference between thetwo papers Seel document and Empey one.


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