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Organizational Foundation




Inevery organization, mission, vision and values are the majorcornerstones. In nursing practice, every service provider is supposedto be focused so as to accomplish the organization’s objectivesthrough the offer of quality services (Watkins,2013). An organization culture is necessary for helping a companyknow where to change or improve. Therefore, the mission and themission of an institution can be influenced by its culture. The sumof the values of an institution as well as the rituals of the placebrings about the organization’s culture (Watkins,2013). In nursing, to ensure that the core values of are unfixed, theinstitution needs to focus on the vision no matter how theenvironment changes (Watkins,2013). This paper focuses on how mission, vision and core values caninfluence actions in nursing.

Accordingto Marquis and Huston (2015), an influential individual within anorganization is the one who adopts &quota personal personality andorganizational personality,&quot therefore my organizationalmission, vision, and values should be the one merging my goals andthe goals and the goals of the institution. Mission: Full commitmentproviding quality health care. Vision: To be a center of qualityhealth care services. Through the mission and the vision, peoplewould get health care services at any time. Also, the servicesprovided would be of high quality. The core values are dignity whereevery person gets the deserved respect and ethical servicesMotivation for nurses, caring and integrity.

AtKevin F. Smith’s hospital, the vision is to be able to take care ofthe community and the public in general and ensuring safety whilehandling the patients. The mission of this place is promoting thehealth of the people. This vision and mission can be accomplishedthrough the provision of quality services to the whole community. Byclosely interacting with the patients, nurses and other healthworkers can be able to know what is troubling the community (Marquis,et.al, 2015). If their health is pushing them to an end, then thehospital has a role in ensuring that good health is restored to thepeople. The values this institution are caring through the promotionof health, healing and providing hope for the restoration of health.Next is integrity where they promote dignity and respect to everymember of the community. The last core value is diversity where theinstitution respects any differences among the people.

Anorganizational culture shows the values, beliefs, and assumptionsshared in an institution. Culture determines how to treat thecustomers and the community, freedom in decision making, the flow ofpower and information, and also the commitment of employees to themission and vision of an organization (Watkins,2013). On the other hand, the organization climate is the conditionsof a workplace as viewed by the employees. The conditions includemode of communication, a method of solving the conflict, leadershipstyle, motivation as well as presence of necessary equipment(Ausserhofer, et.al, 2013).

Innursing, examining the organization culture and its climate isimportant since they determine how the patients will get theirservices. If an institution has developed a healthy culture, thenurses and other workers in nursing will be obliged to offerexcellent services to the society. On the other hand, climate alsodetermines the level of services offered. If there are favorableworking conditions, then the nurses will be happy and thus will bewilling to offer their services. For example, if the workers areinvolved in decision making, their level of services will be higher(Marquis,et.al, 2015).

Fromthe paper, there is a discussion of mission, vision and core valuesof an institution. The culture of an institution can influence themission, vision, and core values of an institution. If the culture ispoor, it will set back any system thus need to be changed. In KevinF. Smith’s hospital, the workers have ensured that they have workedto support the mission, vision and core values of the institution.They interact with every person, show respect and provide qualityservices. The organization’s culture determines how thing are donewhile the climate defines working conditions. The two are critical inensuring the provision of quality services in nursing.


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