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Othello The Moor of Venice Act 3 Scene I-IV

Othello:TheMoor of Venice Act 3 Scene I-IV

Othello,the Moor of Venice Act 3 Scene 1-4

InAct III ofShakespeare’s“TheMoor of Venice,&quot Desdemonapledges that she would do everything within her powers to ensure thatOthello restores Cassio to his rank. However, it seems that Iago hasa different plot and wants to incriminate Cassio. Iago uses thisopportunity to cast doubt on Othello`s mind, and he begins toquestion his wife`s fidelity. Othello had given Desdemona ahandkerchief on their honeymoon, and when she dropped it, Emiliapicked it and gave it to Iago. Later Iago tells Othello that Cassiohas the handkerchief. This scene serves as Act climax of the playbecause it leaves the readers in suspense of what will happen nextbecause, from the look of things, it is evident that Iago hasachieved his goal.

ActIII Scene 1

Thesetting of this scene is outside the castle, and Cassio arranged formusicians to entertain Desdemona and Othello. In the previous scene,Cassio had misbehaved after getting drunk and stabbed Montano hencedamaging his reputation. Through his engagement with these jokingcharacter, Cassio aims to amend the damaged ties with Othello andsave his reputation as an honorable soldier. Cassio opts to talk toDesdemona and not with Othello directly because Iago had initiallyconvinced him that she was critical to influencing Othello`s decisionand that she was also kindhearted. Iago`s plan for Cassio works tohis advantage because he eventually gets Desdemona to talk to Cassioprivately hence creating suspicion.

ActIII Scene II

Althoughthis scene has little details, it is evident that happenings hereprepare ground for the play’s climax. After Iago has departed withOthello and he is asked to pass his regards to the Senate, the latergoes off to inspect fortifications. At this time, Cassio manages tohold a private conversation with Desdemona. Iago knew very well whatwas happening plans to use this event to incriminate Cassio.

ActIII Scene III

Inthis scene, Desdemona says that she want to help Cassio because he isgenuinely sorry and wants to amend the broken tie between him and hishusband. Additionally, Desdemona claims that Cassio has Othello`sinterest at heart. Cassio is adamant to speak with Othello because hefeels unease in his presence. This is probably because of guiltbecause he had drunk himself out and stabbed a senior person and hadtherefore put Othello in a very compromising situation. Othello hadto choose between upholding the law and loyalty to a close friend. Toachieve his plan, Iago embarks on setting doubt in Othello`s mind. Heuses reverse psychology and in every stage where Othello encounter`sOthello. Iago makes sure that there is some element of doubt that hisimplanted in Othello’s mind.

Theclimax is in this chapter where he successfully makes Othello jealousand suspicious. In line 220-222, Iago claims that his thoughts arebased on his observations, and since he has great respect and isloyal to Othello, he is obliged, to tell the truth, and not deceivehim. From line 225, Iago begins to implant doubt and damage Othello’sself-esteem. Othello begins ego is shaken, and he begins to questionDesdemona`s loyalty. Othello starts to think that Desdemona mighthave cheated on him because he is black and lacks social skills. As aresult, in line 261, Iago tells him to be very watchful of Desdemonaespecially when she engages with Cassio. In fact, Othello tellsEmilia to help him watch out for any case of infidelity betweenCassio and Desdemona.

Whilealone, Othello praises Iago for being honest but start reflecting onhis relationship with Desdemona. It is during this time thatOthello`s mind reverses and thoughts of murder begin to encroach. Itis evident that in the end, Iago is happy because he has achieved hisa long-planned goal. The immediate plan is to watch Cassio andDesdemona`s characters so as to confirm their suspicion. Iago gainsagain because he will again be able to manipulate Emilia to suit hisinterest. In line 345, it is evident that Othello has lost peace ofmind and Iago says that he was only honest because of hisunquestioned loyalty to him.

ActIII Scene IV

Desdemonais asking the clown to pass her message to Cassio that he shouldvisit her. Desdemona hopes that all will be well and Cassio will bereinstated. As Othello approaches, Desdemona is concerned about thewar bout of her handkerchief because it is a precious gift.Additionally, she is doubtful if Othello will eventually agree to andreinstate Cassio. Desdemona and Cassio start by discussingrelationship and marriage and how in the early days there was therewas genuine love. She later changes the discussion and the two starttalking about Cassio and Othello becomes furious. Following theargument, Emily responds stating that she hopes that Othello is notjealous and but Desdemona promises to persuade Othello even furtheron Cassio’s case. According to the story, Bianca is a prostituteand has been intimate with Cassio. The two talk about Desdemona’shandkerchief.


ActIII is packed with a lot of drama because it sets the stage for thefinal part of the play. Towards the end of this act, it is evidentthat Iago has managed to hoodwink Othello into believing that she washaving an affair with Cassio. To the readers, this is a dramaticirony because everyone knows that Desdemona is innocent and Iago`smotives are driven by jealousy and urge for revenge. It is alsoevident that Cassio will not be reinstated into his initial job andthat Othello and Iago have become close. The audience can clearly seethat the play is going to end in a tragic way.