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Outstanding Traits



Everyperson has traits that make him or her achieve great success in life.For me, those traits are creativity and innovation. Creativity offersme the freedom and opportunity to escape from white and black worldto the one which I am able to create regulations and allow my fancyreigns. Notably, creativity is away which in individuals come up withan ingenious idea to solve a problem. It is the process a persontakes to solve a delinquent that has existed for a long time and oreven a new problem in a way that could seem impossible. Therefore,despite the fact that I will not solve all the problems in theschool, I stand to be one individual who will contribute to thesolution of the predicaments that has been in existence and willstill appear.

Innovationgoes hand-in hand with Creativity. Therefore, there is no creativitywithout innovation. While creativity is the aptitude to produceunique and new philosophies and ideas, innovation is the execution orimplementation of such creativity. In line to that, I am committed tobe one of such students who will not only provide new ideas that canassist the school but will also ensure the implementation of suchideas that can assist the world as whole.

Therefore,I request the administration to consider my application since I amdedicated to be an asset of this beautiful institution that hasachieved global records. I know getting an opportunity to learn herewill add me more skills other innovation and creativity that will bebeneficial to me and the entire. In conclusion I am the best suitedstudent for this chance.