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Part C


Branding,Pricing, and Distribution Strategy

Foran organization like MC Henry to penetrate and have influence in themarket as a leader in innovation, it has to adopt premium pricing.This is where an organization employs the use of high prices in themarket for its products (Ramaseshan, Ishak, &amp Kingshott, 2013).For this strategy to be effective, the brand must be quality andsuperior in the market. Thus, there is a need to market the productas superior and quality (Todor, 2014). This can be done by increasingthe value of the product such that every individual, whether acompetitor or consumer perceives the MC Henry’s products to beabove all others.

Furthermore,the organization can boost the above strategies with proper channelsof distribution. MC Henry should produce its products and thendistribute to its stores. Additionally, it can adopt the use ofdistributors, especially in areas where it is difficult to establishits stores. These distributors will be the only MC Henry operativesin specific regions to avoid intra-competition. Thus, theorganization will use two channels one, MC Henry-stores-consumersand the other, which is MC Henry-distributors-stores-consumers.

Intercompetitor’s Weaknesses and Strengths

MCHenry faces competition from Mike &amp John Inc. at inter levelcategory. Mike &amp John Inc. is well equipped with qualifiedpersonnel it is well financed, it has already a market for itsproducts and its suppliers are efficient in providing resources intime. The organization also has some weakness it has been accused ofearning from the hard work of poorly paid laborers it has faced somescandals that its employs have infringed customer privacy policieswhen making customer repairs, and there have been screen lightingproblems and memory loss in some of the phones previously.

DifferentiationStrategies to Adopt

TheMC Henry wants to be a leader in the market where it makes decisionsand innovative milestones, which are followed by other organizationsin this market of electronics. If an organization wants to be a greatentity in a field, which is determined by innovation, then it has tobe a leader as anything less will be viewed as a copycat. Thus, forMC Henry organization to enjoy this advantage over its competitors,it has to adopt various differentiation strategies to set its productfrom Mike and John Inc.

Tobegin with, MC Henry organization can try to make its products uniquesuch that when they are put with others, a customer can clearlydifferentiate the item from others without labels. Customers likeunique things that are special as they give a sense of identity(Sharma &amp Garg, 2016). Moreover, the organization candifferentiate the product in terms of performance or capability.

Theorganization should ensure that MC Henry products have a feature,which allows them to perform a task that cannot be accomplished byother brands or a unique feature or ability that sets the productsapart such as dust and waterproof, ability to project images, performin dark or function at high speed without overheating or becompatible with many home appliances.

Additionally,the organization can differentiate itself from how the other entitiesmarket their products. If Mike and John Inc. competes for shelf spacein retailers’ shops, MC Henry should, in turn, adopt or open theirown stores where they directly release or sell the product to marketwithout a middlemen. This will enable the organization to getimmediate feedback on customers experience as it increases consumerinteraction (Sharma &amp Garg, 2016).

Furthermore,MC Henry can differentiate itself from Mike and John Inc. in themodes used to advertise. For instance, if Mike and John Inc. usesoutbound marketing strategies, MC Henry can adopt inbound ones. Thisis where an organization adopts majorly the utilization of blogs andsocial media platforms. This has proven to be very effective as thosewho only approach the organization are those interested in it.

Additionally,it is easy to monitor and get immediate feedback on how the productsare being perceived by consumers through various communicationplatforms. Also, an organization can differentiate itself throughpricing strategies. Where Mike and John Inc. has adopted a low price,MC Henry can assume to adopt high prices as they are alreadyproducing products that are superior in the market. The effect ofthis will be that people will feel that MC Henry products areexpensive because they are quality and powerful compared to othersand thus, the cost is warranted.

Moreover,differentiation can also be adopted in the way products are launched.For instance, if Mike and John Inc. just produce products and launchthem in stores with the use of media anytime, MC Henry can opt to seta specific dates within a year for every product when they are alaunched to create anxiety and increase customer curiosity.

SocialMedia Applicable to MC Henry and their Benefits

Communicationhas transformed how organizations conducted their business in theworld today it has become a key marketing strategy. An organizationcan have superior products and services, but if its internal andexternal communications are not properly synergized, it is doomed tofail. With the rise in technology and innovation, it has become easyfor organizations to incorporate some communication channels thathelp increase customer interaction (Yi-Chia &amp Vasquez-Parraga,2016).

Forinstance, Facebookand Twitterhave transformed the business world. They have been integrated in aninnovative way such that people can communicate with each otherimmediately. Thisallows organizations to get immediate feedback from their customersand effect their demands immediately on products and services.Furthermore, they provide a wide coverage, a quality, which makesthis channel accessible anywhere in the world making it an efficientcommunication tool.

Whathas made these social media platforms very important is the fact thatthey encourage interpersonal communication that is not formal whereemotions can be shared. This was not possible with other forms ofadvertising such as TV, radio, or billboards, which allowed onlyone-way communication. Moreover, this forms of advertising were alsovery expensive, yet an individual could not measure theresponsiveness of the of media outlet (Ramaseshan et al., 2013).

Onthe other hand, using social networks platforms are cheap to operate,and an organization can track if it is effectively having any impacton consumers. Also, one can market specifically to the loyalcustomers of organizations as people who like the entity’s page orfollow twitter handle are those that are interested in it. Thus,these platforms increase customer loyalty by increasing interactionand communication, which is relevant in this marketing era for MCHenry.

IntegratedMarketing Communication

Moreover,there is a need to properly integrate communication in anorganization to deliver successful marketing. Integrated marketingcommunication, helps an organization to identify and define itstarget audience, establish its goals and expenditure, analyze anytechnological, competitive, cultural, or social issues, and conduct astudy to determine the efficiency and effectiveness of promotionalstrategies.

Inthe case of MC Henry, the organization can utilize or integratemarketing tools, which are advertising, sale promotion, directmarketing, personal selling, and public relations. To begin with, MCHenry as an organization that sells electronic devices, which aregreatly affected by innovation need to create a lot of mass awarenessto its customers through advertising.

Moreover,the organization needs to have a good public image, which can becreated by an organization having a public relations department thatmonitors how the organization brand is perceived (Todor, 2014).Furthermore, this department influences people to perceive anorganization in a positive light.

Additionally,an organization like MC Henry needs to utilize sales promotion in itsstrategies. As it sales electronic products, it needs to displaythem, demonstrate to the public through samples how their productswork. This helps to create brand awareness and to provideinformation.

Also,the organization can utilize personal selling where takes advantageof events such as Olympics, and FIFA world cup among other events andhave a vendor where it interacts with people, one on one to sell itsproducts. This helps strengthen organization’s brand as customerloyalty can easily be developed. Furthermore, to increase customerparticipation, an organization can utilize emails and other socialplatforms to encourage direct participation.


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