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Peer Article

Review Questions 1



November20, 2016

For this assignment, my Partner was Tabitha Robinson. In terms of herher relation with customers, she greatly values a customer-centeredapproach. In this case clients are the ones who influence decisionsand service delivery. One of the main distinguishing features betweenTabitha and me is that, unlike her, when I set my mind to something,I always do my best to achieve it regardless of the cost. Tabitha, onthe other hand, is a person who can easily change her mind to suither present circumstance.

Tabitha values values transformational leadership, and this meansalways think critically before making decisions. Her leadership isvery useful because it ensures that everybody is on board. Theresulting impact of this is that there is increased output becauseeveryone is encouraged to give his or her best input. In the longrun, it is evident that she is also motivated because she is there tosee the success of her work.

Tabitha’s Christian views are centralized on leadership. She looksup to influential people in the Bible such as Jesus and Moses forinspiration. When faced with a difficult choice she analyzes how theyresponded or managed the incident. For example, she suggests thatMoses was a good leader because he led the people of Israel out ofcaptivity. Importantly, she also states that effective communicationand interpersonal skills are all important elements in leadership.This is very true because of one cannot communicate very well withhis or her peers, problems such as confusion and misinterpretationare likely to arrive, and this will undermine one’s ability as aleader. Towards the end, she emphasizes the importance of teamworkand how it is critical to leadership. Teamwork leads to betterdecision making because everyone can make his or her contributions. She affirms that team work goes in unison with trust.