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Performancemanagement entails planning and making choices concerning a person’sprofessionalism position or for the whole organization. No matterwhat field a person is working or plans to work with in future, theymust have a well-structured performance plan for prosperity. A careerplan helps in achieving personal goals set for a given period. Whencoming up with a performance plan, it is important to set upquestions which a person must be able to answer. For example, it isimportant to understand the reasons for coming up with a performanceplan. It entails the aims and objectives over a given period.WoolworthsLimited is awell-knowncompany which deals with retail business across Australia and NewZealand. As a head manager for the company, personal performancemanagement is criticalso as to ensure that the corporationdevelops as well as personal career. With a well-structuredperformance plan for the organization, even the manager will benefit.

Thispaper breaks down a performance management plan for the head managerof WoolworthsLimitedhighlighting its importance for all professionals as well.

Firstly,as the head administrator,the first step will be directing. Directing entails leading theothers by showing them what is right and what is wrong. Usually,a person is chosen to head others since they are more experienced(Aguinis, 2013).Through directing, the other workers will give in their whole toensure that they impress the manager. For example, the sales personsat the Woolworths should begiven the right directionof approaching customers so as to increase the sales. Everyone plansto advance their career status over a set period and throughcompetent directing, the manager can earn ranks. Career advancementis significantsince it comes up with numerous benefits.Someof the advantageswhich goalong with career advancement include better remuneration whicheveryone dreamsI pursuit of the professional.Although most people think it is easy to achieve this, it isimportant to understand that only career management ensures mileagein your career(Armstrong &amp Baron, 2015).With a well-structured career masterplan, a professional will have a strategy for the following years.Notably, such strategies are the ones thatpusha person to realize their dreams.

Secondly,as the head manager of Woolworth,networking will be another important step in ensuring betterperformance. Networking is of great benefit to all the professionals.As a professional, networking entails meeting people of same interestand exchange of ideas.Whenone has a career plan, they manage to get the opportunity to meetother professionals in the same field especially those who are on ahigher ranking(Baldwin, 2013).Meetingsuch people opens up the mind of a professional since they share alot of information. In every meeting, people get to learn new thingswhich tend to be helpful in the future. Greenhaus,Callanan, &amp Godshalk, (2016) agree that althoughsomeone might be good in their professional career, they have tointeract with others since new trends come up on a daily basis. Apartfrom learning new things, the networking forums also turn out as jobopportunities(CCH Incorporated, 2015).

Aprofessional might decide to attend a seminar with intentions ofnetworking but end up getting a better paying job. Contrarytopersonal gain from networking, the company will also manage to getpartners for better sales. For instance, Woolworth’s supermarketscan partner with a production company that will be providing aparticularstock for them. Such partnerships are ideal since the closerelationship ensures discounts for all the goods.

Agood manager should always be a strategic planner. Strategic planningentails setting up objectives fora specified period.Chandler (2016) agrees thatplanning in advance helps organizations to deal with hard times sincethey arestable.For example, as the head manager for Woolworths, it will be importantto be familiar with peak seasons. It is vital since it will ensureconstantavailabilityof stock for the retail outlets. Since the manager planned ahead andstocked the shelves entirely,they will not disappoint the customers when the turn out at thestores in high numbers(Daniels, 2014).Fully stocked shelves at Woolworth’s supermarket will mean thatgreat saleand thus an example of good performance record. When in aprofessional field, it is important to understand one`spurpose. With a performance management, a manager will have a goodplan for the coming years and even the daily program.Planning in advance relieves stress from the professionals sinceeverydaythey understand their purpose(Moynihan, 2015).With this, one will have an easy time working with everybody in theirgiven field of work. Contrary, when one does not have a clear planfor the day or even the whole year, they tend to confuse everythingand find the work hard and complicated.

Motivationtoo is another strategic way of ensuring success through performancemanagement. Workersperform better when they areencouraged by their managers. So as to motivate the employeesat the company, it willbeimportant to award them when they do well(Smart &amp Creelman, 2013).As a manager,the best option will be setting up an annual event whereby the bestemployees get presents. However, it is not a must that the managerwaits for all that period to motivate the workers, sometimes a simplewell-done makes someone feel encouraged and perform better.


Despiteall the plans, there are always arising challenges which can mess upeverything. For example, awarding individualemployees can lead to rivalry and hate amongst them. So as toovercome this, it is important to ensure that only the best getthe prizes.Accordingto Stenzel &ampStenzel (2012), appropriateselection of the best workers willmake sure thatthere is no hate but fair competition. Secondly, even though amanager might decide to take control and start directing the workersfor better performance, some might ignore the orders. Ignoring suchlawsis assumed to be a drawback since it will make the company lag behindon its objectives. In the casewheresome workers areadamant, the management should give them warnings so ensure that theymaintain seriousness.

Futuristicplanning can also affect the performance of the company especiallywhen the events turn out the opposite. Even the manager can plandistribution of certain goods in advanceanaccident can occur messing up the whole stock(Terplan, 2013).So as to avoid such incidents, it is necessaryfor the management alwaysto have theextracapital to cover up such situations. It ensures that the budget ofthe company remainsstablesince they already had the money for emergencies. Go-slow by workerscan also affect the success plans of the enterprise.Sometimes employees initiate a go-slow for different reasons such aslow wages and poor working conditions. In the caseof a boycott, the manager should not get angry but should speak itout with the employees to cool down the matter.

Inconclusion, performance management entails making sure that theorganization or an individual employee meets their objectives. As thehead manager for Woolworths Limited, it is important to come up withstrategic plans to ensure the advancement of the company as well asgrowth in personal career. All these are achievable in numerous ways.For example, taking a step and starting to provide direction mightmotivate the workers to perform better. Additionally, employees tendto perform better when they are motivated. Thebest staffshould getawardsand presents for motivation. However, there are certain drawbackswhich affect the performance of the company no matter how hard thehead manager tries. In case such situations comeby, the manager should remain focused and seek better solutions. Forexample, even though the manager can plan for the future, the workerscan still fail him by boycotting. When such an incident happens, themanager should talk to the employeesin a friendly way so that they can solve the matter.


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