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Performance Reviewed System


PerformanceReviewed System


Thereis a significantadvantage, moving the Adobesystem from an old reviewsystemperformance to the latest one which is of positive impact to anorganizationfor the purpose of evaluating and analyzingbusiness.

First,the dated Adobesystem which isyearly reviewedtendsto be average, consists of managers having a hardperiod due to time-consumingand tiresome procedures to be followed. Director had to collect thepreviousroutine, carry out a thorough and full assessment on every worker andlater come up with a final report on each staff on that whole year.The system discouraged the teams’morale since after the assessment annually workers areratedon four main different categories, elevated player, well built andgreatparticipant, firm player and finally littleperformer.

Consequently,I do agree with the new review system which can bemodifiedin simple stages. Here managers and the entire senior staffs enhancethe organizationgrowth quicklydue to quarterly assessment and evaluation. Basingon the final talk, it leads to strategic goals of a company targetedit helpsin the judgmentof different supervisors’ knowledge, capability,and proficiency, lastly new systems speeds up health relationshipbetween managers and staff discuss on opportunities identified,employee’s effectivenessand examiningtheir realtask allocated.


Onthe other, employees rating should also be done away by GE. The newsystem should depend on precisedata and response. It uses gadgetssuch as newlydeveloped mobile apps, acomprehensiveelectric kit consisting exchangeof observations and instructionsidentifiedyearly.

Theadopted systems helpin reducing the workload force and minimize the rate of employment byremoving the oldrating coordination results. The main aim of the GE scheme is toenhance easy access tocommunication and feedback network within and outside theorganization environment. Managershave a difficulttask in evaluating and explaining each employee’s productivitythrough rating scheme thus coming up with specific strategies toenhance efficiency.