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Personal essay for university admission


Personalessay for university admission

Personalessay for university admission

My name is Isiuwa Otasowie. I aminterested in enrolling as a student in basic baccalaureate programoffered in Stony Brook School of Nursing. I am currently undertakingmy associate degree in Libra Arts and Humanities and I am now seekinga chance to join your school in the fall semester 2017. My dedicationand passion in nursing care has convinced me to pursue this programin nursing.

Itis my standing big dream to improve livelihood of humanity whilepracticing and doing research on the discipline in the immediatefuture. I have since established that Stony Brook School of Nursingprepares nurses with the best possible competence. It serves myuntamed pleasure to let you know that have practiced as an assistantnurse for 5 years as follows: currently I am a nursing assistant IIat Plainview Hospital since June 2015 to date. My job entailsadministering direct patient care across medical surgical units suchas ICE, ER, and Telemetry. I also transport patient to x-ray andultrasound. Another key role I do is providing pre-operative andpost-operative direct patient care. This include and not limited toall ADL’s check, vital signs, 12 leads EKG’s, CPR, blood draw,and also telemetry lead placement for remote monitoring. Lastly, Ialso record the entire patient data collected online. Before mycurrent job, I had worked with Queens General Hospital for 2 years asa nursing assistant also. In this role, I used to perform all theduties as I am currently doing in Plainview Hospital. Prior, sinceNovember 2011 to June 2013, I was working with High Field GardensCare Center, Great Neck, and NY. The job specification for the rolehere included total care of resident, partial and complete bed-bath,and feeding, un-occupied and occupied bed. I was also engaged inostomy care, back-rub, mouth care, shaving, foot care, and takingnote of key patient signs. I am convinced that my diverse experiencepracticing and consistent posts of great academic results in nursingcareer provide me adequate qualification to be enrolled in basicbaccalaureate program.

Thereare key personal reasons that have made me consider a career innursing and most importantly in your university. To begin with, thereis a severe nursing inadequacy in the community. Labor statisticsbureaus paint a picture of enormous shortage of required nurses. Lifeexpectancy in the world is rising and this means more people will bein need of nursing attention, hence medical facilities haveconsistently been looking for new nurses. Another key reason is theoutstanding job flexibility that nurses enjoy. It is just handfulprofessions, which enjoy such flexibility as nursing do. It ispossible for a nurse to work in their place of choice and within theschedule of their choice. One can decide to be engaged full time,part time or even temporary hire. It is also possible to work threedays in a week and take a break of four days while still in full timeemployment. In addition, nursing offers you a strong personal jobsatisfaction. Nursing as a profession is outstandingly respectedacross the globe. They place a fundamental link between patients anddoctors. Every medical condition is unique, but most of the occasionsthe patients tend to interact more with the resident nurse than thedoctor involved.

Anotherkey reason why I am pursuing nursing is that it gives me a wide arrayof nursing specialties. Across the globe, there is well above 200specialties in nursing where one can acquire special certification.Such an approach certifies that in that given specialty you havebecome an expert. This position gives you a competitive advantage inthe market, hence attracts better salaries as well as increaseddemand of the service you offer. Nursing also gives you an advantageto work with varied patient population. There is flexibility ofchoice of the kind of patients you can work with as a nurse. They mayinclude gerontology, pediatric, burn and wound management painmanagement, chemical dependency among many. The mentioned reasonsmake me serve as a nurse and want to further my studies in the samefield.

Ihave several attributes that have grown on me over time making me fitfor the role as a nursing student and future as a practicingprofessional. These include and not limited to first, I am caring innature. I strongly believe a good nurse should be very caring for thepatients allocated to them. I am caring to comfort as well as offersupport to the hurting and ill around me. Another key attribute isthat am very keen to detail. I usually find myself writing downeverything and overly detail oriented. This is crucial because eventhe slightest comment from a patient noted down may save their lives.Next, I am well organized in running my life as a career person. I donot give excuses when am set to do a job and this enables me whilepracticing nursing to keep track of when to issue medication topatients. Again, I am emotionally stable. This implies even in my 5years of practice, as a nurse have never been carried away by thecondition the patient is going through. I am always strong to givethe support such patients require and administer medical procedureswhich fall due. I also emotionally connect with my patients to get afeel of what they are going through while seeking to provide them thepsychological support they may need. Lastly, I am a fast thinker witha strong sense of judgment. A good, qualified nurse should be fast intheir thinking and get the right judgment and decision the first timeas the condition may mean death or life for such a patient. Onecannot always rely on the knowledge to be given by the doctor incritical situations if they are not available now. Throughout mypractice, this trait has helped me in saving many conditions thatwould have turned deadly in the patients I attend to. This is justbut to mention a few of the traits I strongly possess and make me aneffective nurse.

Onemain reason why am applying for enrolment in Stony Brook School ofNursing to pursue nursing, is because am convinced that nursing holdsthe key to addressing and improving global healthcare needs. Some ofthe key areas of influence include the following: first, nursing as aprofession is fundamental in steering global programs via nurturingand development of inter-professional teams in healthcare. Again, theroles of professional nurses are expanding in across the globe andmost importantly in developing counties. Nurses are in dire need ofnetworking and mentoring colleagues across and within the borders.Next, training programs for developing nurses must tighten thetraining of health care policy development in order to enhance strongnursing presence the future in progressive policy-making issues.Lastly, all nursing professionals must be highly competent in theframework of community health in order to be instrumental insupporting the global work of health, which in turn transcends acrossborders.

Ihereby enclose my other relevant academic and professional documentsfor your review. Thank you in advance for considering my courseapplication.