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Personal Insight Statement

PersonalInsight Statement

PersonalInsight Statement

Somepeople will say that the standard of living in the modern society isunbearable, while some people will praise it indicating that itdepends on an individual’s creativity. But what roles doescreativity plays in a person`s life, again it depends on with theperson`s attitude. Creativity is the use of original ideas or theimaginations especially in the creation of an artistic work. This cancome up inform of innovation, vision, initiative, inspiration,individuality, inventiveness, and enterprise among others. Everyperson has a creative side, and it can be displayed in many ways. Forinstance, in my case it took me many years to realize my creativeskill that was important to me. Unlike my neighboring colleagues ormy former schoolmate friends whom majority had an incredible talents,mine came late until I got my first employment. But the good news isthat at a very tender age I was exposed to selling products with myparents who were small scale businessmen and I became good at it tothe extent that I didn`t realized that it was my talent. Slowly byslowly I developed a keen interest and passion in the businessincluding any business-related disciplines such as economic,marketing, finance, and entrepreneurship. My determination laterlanded me a job in cricket wireless before as a sales person fornearly two years. During my tender, I realized that I had a uniquecreative skill, which was very different from anyone in my salesdepartment. That skill was brainstorming. The best approach to haveperfect ideas is to think critically. Brainstorming is alwaysmaligned practice to gather a group of like-minded people together,discuss and generate ideas. I managed to do the same with mycolleagues in sales department until I was given a new rank seniorsales manager. With this new position, it forced me to impact mygoals and objectives into the mind of every team member byencouraging them to craft ideas regarding what they want for thecompany. Inspiring every member of sales department really enabled meto understand and welcome new ideas that could help the business togrow. My new position coupled with passion also allowed me to be ateam play not only with fellow employees but also with the consumers. I also have to acknowledge that the position was a great eye-openerfor me to understand and experience how economics theory is relevant.Economics plays a predominant role in the global market and formspart of our daily lives. As a prolific subject, economics helpsresearchers, economists, and nations come up with solutions to thecontemporary global challenges. Some of the importance of economicsis that it offers a more comprehensive approach to the business, andthe relationship between the markets and society. Secondly,understanding economics can boost decision-making like in my case ithelped me make informed decisions and lead my organization to hugeprofits. Thirdly, economic responsibility involves sociallyresponsible leadership. Understanding the duties of large business ineconomies globally can give medium-sized and small leaders knowledgeinto how they should invest or expand their profits. Lastly,economics influence the impact to a professional resume. Forinstance, completing economic disciplines can assist business expertsbecome more efficient business leaders in the modern markets. Beingvital in professional firms, can help junior experts and aspiringleaders discover mentors and utilize several career paths. I haveadmired the identification and implementation of various economicpolicies and regulations that have helped stabilize the economy. Mydesire to pursue economics is driven by the urge to figure out theunderlying principles of the micro and macroeconomic variables andhow to apply the same in real life situations. In the real sense, weenjoy our daily business life due to demand and supply and how it isapplied to modern society.

GreatestSkill or Talent

Mybiggest skill is organizing things I have gained basic knowledge oneconomics through multiple avenues such as reading the financialtimes, keeping a close look on the financial markets, and being up todate with the current economic issues. I have been able toacknowledge and appreciate how fundamental theories in economicsmodel the society in ensuring economic growth and development. I haveread books and articles on economic issues such as the GreatDepression, Globalization, Brexit referendum, and the financialmarkets. I have been able to connect and figure out correlationsbetween macroeconomic variables such as inflation and employment toeconomic growth. My leadership position also helped me greatly tostrengthen my organization skills. This skill is important to mebecause at a very tender age and within a short time span of twoyears, I managed to climb through the rank up to a senior salesmanager. It is also the same skill that enabled me to easily organizeor arrange my brainstorming ideas and plants them into the mind of myteam members.


Apartfrom other ordinary life and educational problems, the mostsignificant challenge for me is language because English is not mymother tongue. Therefore, apart from passing my exams and having asuccessful work experience from my former job, joining universityabroad game up with new challenges. For instance, I had to learnEnglish as an additional language in order to interact freely with mycolleagues. I believe, studying economics, will open countlessopportunities to enhance my knowledge and understanding of the globalbusiness. I have the will and ambition to help me adjust andaccomplish the objectives of this learning course. Studying economicsin the university will be a revelation as I intend to delve deeperinto the complex global financial aspects and economic concepts insolving different problems. I am applying for admission in theuniversity to acquire skills and knowledge concerning economics andits impact on the global business. My interest in economics does notonly revolve around university work. I have a blog that has offeredme an excellent opportunity to interact with great economics mind andwrite about current economic matters. And in the process sharpen myEnglish writing skills. I also have to acknowledge that my peers,course mates, and blog followers have been my greatest supportersboth negatively and positively in equal measure. For instance, someof my articles have been criticized while some have been used asacademic references including high ranking media publications.Therefore, I took it as a personal initiative that in order to grow,I had to do it together with other like-minded fellows.

Whathave you done to make your school or your community a better place?

Besidesstudies, I am a member of the local football club enjoy undertakingcommunity services, and supporting the poor in the society. I havelearned interpersonal and communication skills through socialinteractions with the community. Additionally, volunteering hashelped improve my responsibility and enhance maturity levels in everyaspect of life. At school, I have had the opportunity to organize acharity event, set up a fashion show where teachers and students tookpart in raising massive amounts of money for the needy. Communityservice and co-curricular activities have also enabled me gainfirst-hand experience in economic theories and develop teamworkskills. Another program that I also intended to introduce is toidentify talent and nature it when it still fresh. We live in adigital age where technology a larger percentage of the globaleconomy. In other words this pressurizes the modern population to beinnovate and incorporate technology while they explore their talents.I have always convinced myself that I love to learn new things beforeI go to lectures or school. For instance, I was believe that povertyis in the state of mind. Therefore, apart from social activities Icoordinated in my learning institution, I incorporated my greatestskills among my peers. Just the same way it worked for me in myformer job, I applied the same strategy of brainstorming, andorganizing ideas to think of ways of eradicating poverty. PersonallyI have also wanted to solve this problem of poverty. But I knew thatfor me to succeed, I had to study and understand it and get to knowhow I can tackle it. Since I grew up in underdeveloped country I,really understand the impact of poverty on the society, children, andhealth. Unfortunately, the situation remains a stubborn factor evento the developed countries. Poverty is one of the unpopularconditions that do not have positive effects. However, it issignificantly recognized for causing water and food-relatedsufferings, inadequate housing and standard of living, preventableaccidents due to an insecure working environment. And lastly alcoholand drug abuse, from children in Africa Slums and the grownups in theUS, this is a popular self-destructing condition usually taken as amechanism to adapt with massive amounts of despair and stress. I amvery impassioned about studying economics at the university because Iplan to utilize the acquired knowledge in solving real life economicpuzzles and providing consultancy to the interested parties. Ibelieve my desire to keep abreast with the current business,financial, and economic events and the trends will enable me tothrive in my pursuance of higher education. Interestingly, this canalso act as an early intervention to equip the affected populationwith economic security and efficient stability to calculate on afrequent population or national income. I am assertive that it is theappropriate and right decision to pursue economics at the Universitybecause I am determined and am willing to work hard throughout thefour years of my degree course. I believe that I am going to make ameaningful contribution to the university by excelling in everysubject and actively participating in co-curricular activities tomotivate me and to give me an opportunity to meet and socialize withother students. I am also confident that my knowledge and skills ineconomics will impact positively on the rest of the scholars andsociety in general.