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Personal Statement for University Application

PersonalStatement for University Application

Ihave always been captivated by technology and the physical sciences.In Chemistry, I found topics such as energeticsand Hess’s law of constant heat summation to be very captivating.TheHess’slaw of constant heat summationholds that a total alteration in the course of the complete processof a chemical reaction is the same regardless of whether the reactiontakes a single or several steps. In the recent past following an ASstudy my interests have focused on Chemistry. This has largelyinfluenced my decision to apply for a course in Chemical Engineeringin your Institution. This discipline would permit me to pursue acareer in manufacturing relevant for a variety of industries rangingfrom the advanced oil to traditional breweries. The AS study has ledme to develop a real interest in chemical engineering given that itinfluences our lives whether it is to save lives, travel in luxury orbuild bridges. Another technology that has stood out for me in thearea of Chemical Engineering is the recent production of the 3Dprinted prosthetics arm. The fact that an entire hand can be printedas well as assembled using four complete parts, created in around 40hours, and costing under £1,000 shows how far technology hasadvanced. Advancement such as this has really helped benefit manypeople around the world, especially in reproducing several functionsof the hands, arms, and legs. I also do Math and Physics and thesesubjects are linked to Chemistry. There are a several concepts, suchas the ability to manipulate figures and gas laws that I learned inMath and physics respectively. These concepts have helped meunderstand Chemistry in-depth and be able to come up withcalculations based on a number of events.

Otherthan my academic qualifications, I have also amassed a wealth ofpractical experience that I consider relevant to this study. Onechance that I had to better my research skills was taking part in aone-week project held at Surrey University summer school. Weundertook a study on Haber-Boschee process finding out the mostefficient conditions for it. We created 4 models with differentconditions and reactors and used the ChemCAD for to do model. ChemCADis regarded as chemical process simulation software that broadens andenables researchers to find data without doing the experiment. The 2weeks placement at UCL also offered me a chance to improve my skillsand gain more experience. At UCL, I learned about the fundamental abdapplied concepts of heterogeneous catalysis. We used Zacros, aKinetic Monte Carlo software package, to simulate molecular phenomenaon catalytic surfaces. We also designed a catalyst from one materialand came up with calculations based on the six elementary eventsaimed at getting the most efficient catalytic converter. Working in ateam, we managed to apply our knowledge to a real life situation bycompleting an exercise based on an actual project. The experiencehelped me improve my understanding and skills in areas such asteamwork, time management, visual and oral presentation, and reportwriting. I have also improved my communication and academic skills byattending an event on networking and lectures on chemical,electronic, and mechanical engineering at the summer school.

Mypersonal life also reflects my desire to learn. On a regular basis, Iattend a Quran class from 2 P.M to 6: 30 P.M every Sunday. Memorizingthe Quran requires immense discipline and excellent time management.Both of these skills can be incredibly helpful in one’s academicand professional pursuit. I enjoy playing indoor Badminton in a teamof four and reading about New and Emerging Technology on websiteslike gizmag, gsm arena and wired. I have also completed my Duke ofEdinburgh Bronze award. As part of this award, I volunteer withyounger peers in their football lesson every Monday after school. Ireally enjoy this because I am able to help the younger peers developtheir football skills and see them improve their game.