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Personal Statement



Teachingis an interesting profession that will allow me to impact the livesof different students in a positive way. My aspiration to developpeople and foster creativity can only be achieved through teaching.Mydiverse background of speaking multiple languages such as Urdu andPunjabi motivated my decision to get into this program. When I wasyounger I attended a boarding school where students came from diversecultures and countries I learned English while in this institution.I have a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, and I amlooking forward to completing my Master of Arts in Teaching, TESOL(Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) at USC. I believethat the program suits my academic level and goals to enhance skillsamong ESL students. Through this program, I will learn and gainknowledge about theories and how they can be applied. I havesuccessfully completed my TESL certificate from the University ofIrvin (UCI), and it was an exceptional encounter. By considering thelevel of excellence and research that USC is associated with, takingmy program at this institution will be a life changing experience. Asan ESL student, my success in the United States was facilitated byteachers whose support was exceptional. I understand the challengesthat ESL students undergo in their learning programs, and this makesmepassionate about working with them to make progressive change. As ahardworking and motivated individual, I target to hone my skills atthis institution of prosperity to ensure a successful teachingcareer. USC is the best-suited institution to develop me throughtheir competitive programs. By doing myMasters’ from USC, I will be well-prepared to handle new challengesas a teacher overseas.

Iwas born in Saudi Arabia but my country of origin is Pakistan wherewe relocated when I was five years old. While in Pakistan, I wasenrolled in an elite school whose environment nurtured me well. Thestandards at this school were inspiring. Success was rewarded whilebad behavior was punished. The culture at this institution inspiredme, seeing how professional my teachers conducted themselves.However, I will not use the type of reinforcement that was applied atthat school in my career. In 1996, I came to the U.S. and doing myhigh school here was fascinating. I liked the school system learningthrough group work, student participation, projects, research papers,games in class were all new to me but outstanding. I believe that anexperience of both the U.S. system and the ESL one is the best forbecoming a successful teacher in the future.

Mypast experience in career prompted my decision to pursue teaching. After college, I was employed as an Auditor but unfortunately, I waslaid-off. Later on, I was offered to volunteer in an ESL class atCypress College (Continuing School of Education). Despite the factthat I had no previous teaching experience, I was amazed how positivethey impressed my class. Every student was gracious and happy tolearn, as well as share with their classmates. The experience touchedme and I found teaching to be rewarding this made me change my goalto pursue the program. Since my background is in business, I decidedto do online programs in teaching while volunteering. I started doingan online class at Oxford Seminars where they offer TESOL/TESL/TEFLcertifications. Despite completing my program, I felt unsatisfied dueto the accelerated pace. Therefore, I decided to try it again at UCIrvine where it took me two years to get my TESL certification. Theenvironment gave an opportunity to different theories, methodologiesand fundamentals of teaching. Upon completing my certificate I wasoffered a job with a private Language Institute (GEOS Academy) inCosta Mesa where I was able to apply my experience and work withstudents from diverse backgrounds. In essence, it is crucial tofurther my studies by taking Master program. In this case, USC is thebest institution to develop my skills and mold me into a successfulteacher because it is a reputable university.