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Personal wellness inventory


Personalwellness inventory

My results for the test in “EHS Personal Assessment” indicatethat I am an emotional child (emotionallyhealthy.org, 2016).According to the results, I am content only when things work out myway. On the other hand, I rarely show content with life wheneversomething is not alright, or working against me. Moreover, theresults describe me as a person who takes things personally, and doesnot always welcome criticism. These results make me realize that Ioften manipulate situations to fit my interests. It is a deeprevealing about my insecure personality, showing that I need to workon the way that I handle my emotions.

The main assumption of the assessment is that every personality canbe described by making reference to the Bible. As well, the designersof the test assume that the scripture has a direct linkage with humannature. Therefore, the test is based on the revelations of the NewTestament.

My test results from caring .com (2016) show that “I keep my cool”,with a score of 50. They indicate that the state of my heart and headis positive, and that my stress-burning reservoirs are full. Thestructure of the test is centered on appraising personality, with theassumption that all people subscribe to a predictable form ofcharacter.

I plan to use the results from the resources to combat compassion andfatigue by changing my attitude. This is because the major issuenoted with my character is being unable to control my internalemotions when faced with stress.


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