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Academic English Skills 1

Writing Plan

General Statement:

Many theories have been created to compare the different ways ofmanagement and determining the best suited. Douglas McGregor came upwith the theory x and y of management to look into the two mainstyles of management. The two approaches are aimed at managing andmotivating employees to provide maximum output.

Scoping Statement:

There exists numerous theories that try to explain therelationship between the employer and employee and which relationshipworks best. This research paper is aimed at analysing only theory Xand theory Y of management.ThesisStatement:

This essay paper is aimed at comparing and contrasting theory xand theory y of management. Before a company considers thedistribution of work, the managers must decide on the best form ofinteraction with employees


Use this to show the background

Scoping Statement:

Use this to restrict the discussion to the

2 or 3 areas

Thesis Statement:

Use this to state the stance of the essay

Body Paragraph 1


Theory X

Topic Sentence:

Theory x takes a negative view on human nature and supposes thathumans avoid responsibility and if given the opportunity would preferto do nothing at all.

Supporting Evidence: Gürbüz, S., Şahin, F., &ampKöksal, O. (2014). Revisiting of Theory X and Y: A multilevelanalysis of the effects of leaders’ managerial assumptions onfollowers’ attitudes. Management Decision,52(10), 1888-1906.

Body Paragraph 2

Topic: Theory Y


Topic Sentence:

Theory y also was known as enlightened management method incontrast views human nature in a more positive light and trusts thatpeople are motivated, self-disciplined, passionate and responsibleand even seek responsibility.

Supporting Evidence Garud, R., &amp Gehman, J. (2016).Theory evaluation, entrepreneurial processes, and performativity.Academy of Management Review, 41(3),544-549.

Body Paragraph 3

Topic: Employee-employer relationship

Topic Sentence: The employee-employer relationship hasundergone many changes from the 20th century due to the globalizationof organizations and emergence of new working environments anddynamics. In the contemporary world, many employees would prefer towork with a manager who employs theory y of management

Supporting Evidence: Zhou, Z., Jin, X. L., Fang, Y., &ampVogel, D. (2015). Toward a theory of perceived benefits, affectivecommitment, and continuance intention in social virtual worlds:cultural values (indulgence and individualism) matter. EuropeanJournal of Information Systems, 24(3),247-261.


It is also important to look at the management styles from theperspective of the organization and the type of work being conductedin the organization. Some organizations and work requirements aremore suited for theory x while others are more suitable to theory yof management. A manager`s belief system plays an important role inhow he or she manages the company and the atmosphere he or she willcreate for the employees