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Poetry Analysis




Ibelieve that the poem, “I’m nobody! Who are you?” by EmilyDickinson advocates for humility. The speaker prefers to be humblenobody than somebody who is proud. The poem rebukes the pretensepracticed by the elite in the society who sell their fame for moneywithout playing a role in alleviating problems in the society. WaltWhitman’s “I Hear America Singing” describes the various soundsheard by the speaker from the working class in the society. I believethat the poem advocates for hard work as the sources of economicempowerment and happiness in the nation.

EmilyDickinson’s “Me from myself-to banish” highlights thepsychoanalytical and philosophical disintegration of individuals. Thearticle, “I`mNobody, Who are you? A Psychoanalytical Approach to the Poetry ofEmily Dickinson” asserts that consciousness of knowledge results infreedom. Individuals need to conform to social orders like politicalobligations, language, and religion to achieve personal liberty(Declan, 2011). From the poem, the speaker desired to experiencesubjective recognition, which she was aware that it could be achievedthrough death. The speaker does not fear death because it isinevitable. However, she desires for self-knowledge, which isabsolute.

“Songof myself” by Walt Whitman is an American vision where all peoplehave equal opportunities to public services. Whitman’s vision wasto have a nation where people care for their neighbors. “Out of thedimness opposite equals advance, always substance and increase,always sex, always a knit of identity, always distinction, always abreed of life.” (Whitman). The poet acknowledges the unity andadmonishes the divisions in the society. I chose this line of thepoem because Whitman condemns race, gender, and economic prejudicethat destabilize the social harmony.


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