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Policy and Your Life

Policyand Your Life

Inmany modern day societies, the government is involved in theenactment of laws that touch on the workplace environment. These lawsensure that businesses operate in a desirable manner. In my currentwork setting, there are many federal policies enforced by theDepartment of Labor that influence the way our organization works.For instance, the Fair Labor Standard Act sets the minimum employeepay and stipulates that employees have to be paid overtime. Also,there is the Occupational Safety and Health Act which ensures thatour business provides employees with a safe working environment, freeof any hazards. Moreover, the president has the powers to issueExecutive Orders such as Executive Order 13087 which preventsemployers from discriminating their workers because of their sexualorientation (Hames and Ekern, 2013). Further, agencies such as theFederal Trade Commission mandate that our business should comply withfinancial reporting standards and our products should be properlylabeled (regarding content and quality). Other government entitiessuch as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) provideenvironmental parameters in which our business should operate toensure that we do no harm to our surroundings.

Mostof the laws that are implemented by the federal government passthrough Congress. As such, Congress also has a say in the laws thataffect our workplace. Federal lawsbeginasbills in the house of Congress before they were assented to by thepresident. For instance, the National Labor Relations Act of 1935,was an act of Congress. This law has changed my workplace environmentbecause as part of the management team, we have to consider thewelfare of our employees before implementing any policy changes.Also, employees have a significant influence on the decision-makingprocess through their representatives (Collins, 2014). Even theOccupational Safety and Health Act emanated from the acts ofCongress. That is why my workplace is required to have features suchas fire exits and hydrants. Similarly, the EPA’s jurisdiction comesfrom the legal mandate provided by Congressional laws. Therefore,Congress influences our workplace by enacting legislation thatensures a balance between the needs of our business and those of thepublic. On the other hand, the federal government sets up agencies toensure that work-related laws are implemented as well as developingits separate policies.


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