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Policy Comparison Los Angeles Vs Dubai and Morocco Term Paper

PolicyComparison: Los Angeles Vs Dubai and Morocco



Themodern world today has given rise to cities that ought to beemulated. Emulation is not only restricted to cities in thedeveloping economies but also to cities and towns that are in thedeveloped economies and those which have been in existence forcenturies. This growth has been necessitated by policies that areintroduced by the leaders in those towns and the competition that isin the world today to be the most modernized city. A look at theglobal west and east shows a drastic difference in the currentgrowth. Statistics shows how the eastern town and cities are growingand the difference is not limited to only the time zone and theclimate but is based on many factors. A given example is the cost ofliving where it can be seen that it is 7% cheaper to live in Dubaithan to live in Los Angeles, California (Expartisan, 2016). A look atMorocco and the story is the same in the cost of living and theactivities that the countries engage in such as trade andinfrastructure development. Policy makers in any country are a greatdeterminant in the growth prospects of the towns and the articlebelow looks at what policy makers in California should learn from thepolicy makers in weaker economies of Dubai and Morocco in the globalsouth.


Oneof the sectors that have led to the growth of Dubai as a city hasbeen the construction and real estate industry. The market has reallygrown and the infrastructure that is found in this town has beenincredible. The real state sector in the town is also boosted by thelocality of the city to foreigners given that they can easily accessthe city. The growth has also been facilitated by the constant flowof money and the employment opportunities that are found in the Dubaigiven their oil mining activities. The properties are lucrative giventhey have been constructed by state of the art engineeringtechnology. These policies provide a platform on which Los Angelescan learn from. Also, Los Angeles can learn from Dubai-based onmortgage policies that are in Dubai where they offer mortgages withsufficient repayment period.

Theaviation industry in Dubai is also an example that Los Angeles canreally learn from. The integration of the players in the aviationsector shows how systems should be brought together to improve asector. The duty-free and the fly Dubai have some of the bestpolicies that have grown the sector. The duty-free in Dubai is now aleader market in the world. The entrepreneur spirit in the sector hasseen the sector double its passenger capacity between 2005 and 2010.Also, an establishment of a leading airline is an accelerator to anyaviation industry in the world and the growth of Emirates to be aleader in international passenger capacity has fueled the growth.This has been facilitated by the quality of services in the airlineand the reliability that the airline offers to its passengers.

Alook at the steel industry in California shows a decline in themanufacturing industry. Most of the manufacturing companies in theUnited States are either winding up or downsizing leading to thedownscale of industries like the steel industry in California. Thishas been facilitated by poor policies like the outsourcing policythat has enabled Mexico to be a leader in the industry given Americaoutsources a large percentage of it steel product fin Mexico. Anotherpolicy is the free trade policy that has Canada and Mexicobenefitting from the United States and the United States Incurringlosses from the trade agreement (Morley, 2016). A comparison toMorocco shows the weaknesses of the policies and the United States atlarge with regards to the manufacturing industry. Morocco does itsmanufacturing locally which has facilitated the creation of jobs.Also with globalization, the country trades its end products withanother country attracting income in the value addition.

Agood insight on how the infrastructure in the global east has been asuccess would be to look at the rail industry in Los Angeles. Thisinfrastructure was purported to reduce the congestion in roads andthat it would help in controlling the pollution but poor policies andadministration has ensured that this has failed tremendously. Therail industry in Los Angeles contributes a lot to pollution and thecongestion on the roads has increased (Elkind, 2016). To add to this,two-thirds of the ridership is by Wilshire buses in contrast to theexpectation that this trains would decrease the cars on the road.Dubai is planning to add over 30000km of rail into its track. This isgiven the success that the business has been. The great investment inthe rail by the countries hierarchy has ensured that it is cheaper totravel in Dubai by use of train and that more people are using thesystem given its affordability. The success story in Dubai has hadmore countries in the East, especially in the Arabian countries toinvest more on metros.


Dubaihas constructed state of the art homes and given its small populationand the income that has been pumped from the oil industry, renting ahouse in Dubai is cheap. Their policy was given that their oil mineswere bound to be depleted they decided to invest in tourism and thereal estate sector. This pumping of unlimited cash ensured that thehouses were good and they were affordable backed by the employmentopportunities and good salaries. California, on the other hand, hasits housing sector on the collapse. Living in L.A is a very expensiveventure and owning a home is one of the highest rates worldwide. Thishas cast away the American dream given policies in the housing sectorare poor. Building technology has not really improved to meet thecurrent technology and the salaries are low. The unwillingness by thelocal authority to invest money into the sector has led to the risesin prices of housing. Some of the policies that have contributed tothe skyrocketing prices are the Ellis Act violations, stagnation ofwages, the dismantling of community redevelopment agencies,Dodd-Frank and growth restrictions (Capital and Main, 2016).


Statisticshas it that 2/3 of the world’s population is eight hours away fromDubai and 1/3 of the world’s population is four hours away fromDubai. This realization has Dubai investing in its rail and airtransport. This has enabled the country to be a global hub transportwise and more and more people are visiting Dubai. The country hasalso invested a lot in its hospitality industry with many hotelsranked with higher stars (Costa-Robles, 2016). This ensures ahospitable experience of the tourists and promises constant inflow oftourists into the country. Los Angeles, on the other hand, has beenregistering record-breaking visitation by tourists over the last fiveyears but still has the potential given the limitation ininfrastructure. The state needs to invest more in its aviationindustry to ease travels it also needs to invest limits hotels toensure that the costs of booking hotels are affordable. Thecongestions on the roads are at times are scary and there is a needto invest more on transport infrastructure and setting policies thatwill encourage more people to move to the rail industry mode oftransport.

Thediscussed policies above have shown the factors that are a hindranceto the growth of Los Angeles as a city. Given the growth that theUnited States is experiencing, LA as a state should be contributinghigher. Urban development has been seen in the countries like Dubaiand Morocco to the point that 30 years ago Dubai was not eventraceable on the map but today is a global hub. The drastic rise hasbeen facilitated by their willingness to invest capital in theirdevelopment dream and managing to sell the dream to the global world.From this it is evident the global north cities can really learn alot from the cities in the global south with Dubai and Morocco as theexamples. From leadership style and the policies like duty free zonesand modern development like seven star hotels to reliable rail systemand uncongested roads, are some of the examples of what the globalnorthern cities could learn from the cities in the global south.


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