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Power of the Mass Media

Powerof the Mass Media

Powerof the Mass Media

Thepower and role of the media is essential in today’s life. Hardlycan any activity in the current world be operational without the useof media and communication. Student life is nowadays heavily relianton the internet for studies and communication. The offices and thegovernment are reliant on intranet and internet communication for itto be fully operational. Banks depend on communication and news fromvarious news sources to learn about the trend in the world market.Not left behind, even drivers and office messengers are reliant oncontrolled navigation that is fully available in maps and othernavigational tools. Driving to school or work or any otherdestination might need one to use navigational systems. This mayenable one to identify the easiest route with a lack of traffic. Thisenables drivers to save on time and work effectively. Most vehiclescurrently come fitted with a navigational system. This offers thedriver an easy to access and understand map to the destination.

Technologicalchanges and improvements have been mostly evident in the 21stcentury. Communication which is the most vital asset in the21st-century work set up is dependent on the available media. Emails,social media, television network and other news channels are part ofan important group of communication channels. There are variousexisting new technologies to make communication easier both for thestudent set up and the working set up.

Internetcafé is important for both the student life and the cooperate theworld. The various educational websites give the students extrainformation of study and materials of reference to boost their questfor knowledge. These may be an alternative to the traditional libraryand other forms of study like lectures. Social media is proving tobe very vital for communication to the youths. This is not only fortheir personal communication and social ways but also for theofficial communication. Students can currently follow the socialtrends in their lives and also keep up with the fashion. This isheavily enabled by the use of communication media that is freelyavailable to them. Computers and cell phones offer to access thecontent on the websites and other multiple resource centers. Lecturers can easily pinpoint what to be learned by giving a link toa site. Students may take usefulness in communication via emails totheir lecturers or post them to a working student teacher portalwhere lecturers could access and advise the students while alsosupplying the necessary information to them. This can take the formof documents, journals visuals and audiovisual media that can beshared via the new technologies. This has made life easier andremoved the heavy reliance on hard copies and reference books fortheir studies.

Massmedia is very vital to communication in the world. Monolithiccommunication is communication from a single source to either asingle receiver or many receivers. The most important aspect of it isa fact that it is a one-way form of communication and thereforeoffers no reverse communication. The importance of suchcommunication avenues is that it offers the sense of experiencing thesame information at the same time. This gives either a sense ofnational connectedness or global connectedness simultaneously. Thepublic receivers of such media are always virtual rather thanphysical. Advertisements, public announcements and reliance ofinformation through mass media reach a wider group of peopleaccurately and efficiently. The existing television, radio and videochannels use centralized broadcasting to pass their informationworldwide. This means that the wider population will receive the sameinformation at the same time in a one-way broadcast. However, theresponse by the receptors of the information cannot be received viathe same means. In addition to that, recent developments have seenthe use of social media to gather feedback and response to thereceived news. Twitter has been the most use form of responsive mediafor whatever is much talked about is seen as trending news.Monolithic communication is mostly seen in the print paper media.Newspapers, journals and periodical magazines also give one-waycommunication that feedback is not received via the same means. Thisis essential for government communication or relay of informationthat its response is not needed. This may include the relay ofresearch communication. Government public notices, state publicinformation amongst others. Currently, with technologicaladvancements, the television media gives a sense of synchronouscommunication one way expanding several broad ranges ofcommunication. This reaches global, national, and local audiences.

Anexample is the September 11, 2011, terrorist attack. In that event,four planes were simultaneously hijacked by terrorists. These planeswere to be used for their terrorist missions against the UnitedStates. It is never known why the hijackers sought the opportunityfor a global coverage of the September 11 attacks, but the factremains that they got a global following of the events. Severaldocumentaries were released later on the happenings of the September11 attacks. The happenings of the 9/11 were, however, global asmillions of viewers around the world saw the images. This shows howpowerful mass media is and how it can make the whole world be aninterconnected network easy to pass information. This is becauseglobally all the media outlets centered their news and communicationon the happenings of the most incredible event. The use of satelliteto transmit images of the twin towers being hit by the planes, thenthe explosion and ultimate falling reached a wide audience around theworld. After the 9/11 event, it was widely admitted that the mediamade it a global event that was followed by billions of people.

Theuse of print media cannot be underestimated. Print media can be usedto relay information to the simplest of audiences. Several weeksafter the 9/11 terrorist event, there was a failure in thetransmission and reception of television signals around the networkas the physical network of the televisions was clearly destroyed.Several families using the print media published photos of theirfamily members who had not been found even after the terrorist event.This helped relay the information around New York and later aroundthe world with the families hoping to find their lost ones.

Electronicmedia such as the use of cell phones, computers, and emails has alsogrown rapidly. This is because it avoids the use of monolithiccommunication and focuses on mutual communication between two or morepeople. It is important to note that it carries a wider social impactas compared to the single avenue mode of communication. This enablesthe exchange of information beyond word of mouth. This is the mostused form of communication currently. With it carries the power ofstring of connections otherwise identified as conversation. It is themost unpredictable as anything comes from the two end ofcommunication. In the events of 9/11, the passengers of all theplanes had used this digital media to pass information to theirfamilies and workmates of the hijacking of the aircraft and possibleterrorist actions. This digital communication also led to thepassengers of the plane to identify that there were also severalother planes that had been hijacked and crashed by the terrorists.This helped as it made the passengers to fight back the terrorists.This made them prevent more killings that could have happened if theplane would have reached its potential target. The passengers madethe plane crash elsewhere at a rural field out of Pennsylvania.

However,as we applaud the current media, it is important to know the vicesand the contexts that are never covered by the media. Following theSeptember 11th terrorist act, some information was explicitly barredfrom reaching the public. This was mainly due to politicalindifferences, user censoring and lack of access. Powerful men andwomen own most of the media houses. This may be barred because oftheir political interests and other reasons especially if theirinterests are at stake. Sometimes the truth in some stories isintentionally blocked from the public if it gives a negative image ofthe parent company or as a government directive. This may be due topolitical reasons and business survival respectively. Another obviousexample is the Iraqi war where the American government barred severalcontents of the Iraqi invasion from media coverage. This was mainlyto security concerns. The American army has always treated sensitiveinformation relating to wars as delicate and never to be published.


Evidently,mass media is very vital in the current world. The power of transferof information can prove to be very crucial other than informative.This is seen with the use of cell phones by the passenger aircraftthat later crashed outside Pennsylvania rather than in a destinedtarget in Washington. The social media and other bidirectional formsof communication are seen as important in the student life office setup and other types of communication. Monolithic communicationincluding the print media is a form of controlled communication thatreaches the widest group of people simultaneously. As the freedom ofmedia is fought for it is, however, important not to rule out theimportance of barred information as it may carry delicateinformation.