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PR Counselling



JessicaAlba`s Honest Company has been faced with several lawsuits concerningits particular products which most people allege that do not meet therequired standard set by the United States Food &amp DrugAdministration`s (FDA). An individual case that attracted theattention of most customer is SPF-30 Honest Sunscreen Lotion which ismeant to prevent sunburn. However, it is alleged that the ingredientsof this particular product have other side effects on human bodyhence is not safe for usage. Other than the synthetic ingredientsthat got customer “fried,” there are also claims that the priceof the item is high as compared to other companies.

Toresolve these allegations, the firm invited counselors to providepieces of advice to create a public relation that would ensure itdoes not lose its customers. It was advised to retest is productswith U.S. Food &amp Drug Administration, something that Jessica saidshe had done before. I feel this was a wise and a thoughtful PRcounseling which aimed at restoring the name and reputation of thecompany of the alleged scandal. The primary purpose of the step wasto instill confidence among the customers.

Althoughthe test move was good one, I would have done something differently.Specifically, apart from taking the samples for tests, I would haveadvised the company to stop producing the product. The main purposeof a counselor is to restore hopes and confidence and advice peopleon actions that benefit them. In that regard, temporarily stoppingthe production of SPF-30 Honest Sunscreen Lotion would make thecustomers and other stakeholders believe that the clients’ concernsare the priorities of the firm.