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Award-winningFilm to Screen in Chester house

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Schoolingthe World

February20th,2017 – PRLog – the award-winning film, “Schooling the World”,will be screening to the public as the core of opening night eventsat the Awareness Film Festival in Washington. The Chester house willhold a public screening of the award-winning documentary film“Schoolingthe World”on 20thFebruary 2017 at 9.00 pm at Chester house, 7thfloor, room 304B. Tickets are $8 per person and are available at ouroffices located at Lone Avenue, Lancer house Room 5.

Thefilm by San and Louise Guild award-winning film and televisiondirector Jane Apes (Schooling the World) positions a disrespectfulcontest to the long-unquestioned notion that the horse opera ideal oflearning and tuition advances lives of people everywhere it goes. Themovie has produced influential, often demonstrative, reaction fromits August exhibition at the Britain International Film Anniversaryto its current screening in Washington. It also explores thechallenges faced by the current education system and its impacts onthe students (WetFeet 91).

Schoolingthe Worldis a movie which should be watched by all teachers and learners,”saidGael Lynn of Reconsidering Schools. Dr. Mark, Dean of EducationPhilosophy at Pioneer University termed the film as, “a film ofphilosophical visions and the pursuit for hopefulness in the sense ofabundant passion by typical beliefs in contradiction of the sidelinedand the quieted inhabits of the world,” describing the film as“daring, inspiring, and thought-provoking” (WetFeet 91).

Themovie links the previous year`s sequence of education-themedbiographies like Battlefor Nothing.Schoolingthe Worldgraphics depict the difficulties of the education system to the wholeworld. Dark piercing to the latest accusations surrounding “FivePlates of Feast” playwright Moen Greg and his Northern ColombiaInstitute as “an opening to gaze roughly at these matters closely.&nbspPeople are justly dismayed about Moen’s productions, but thegreater narrative which goes undisputed is his exaggeratedinterpretation of education as a magic bullet for all the realm’stribulations, a golden gunshot that can terminate oppression,poverty, terrorism and oppression of women in the whole world in oneclean shot”. Dark said. &nbsp“The truth is that the currentschool is not a golden gunshot, but it is a particularly challengingsociety which has demonstrated very tough to ultimate reform (WetFeet91). There is no scheme that can discard masses of ordinary, healthyoffspring as failures – several of them awfully clever, by the way– will always deliver a permanent or widespread explanation toeverything.”&nbsp He said. “Schooling the World” has beenbroadly applauded for its magnificent graphic attractiveness and wasexplored mainly a place in the Ladakh, India. Terry Bio will bepresent for a Q&ampA after the broadcast, which is fixed to takeplace at 9:00 P.M. on February 20that Chester Showcase Theatre at 234 South La Lone Avenue, Washington.


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