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Prince of Egypt

Princeof Egypt

Princeof Egyptis a 1998 release that was directed by Brenda Chapman, Steve Hickner,and Simon Wells. The movie is in the genre of musical drama. The filmcasts Val Kilmer, Michelle Pfeiffer, Ralph Fiennes, Jeff Goldblum,Sandra Bullock, and Patrick Steward. Princeof Egyptis a movie that has been adapted from the Biblical Book of Exodus. Itdepicts the life of Moses, presented as the prince of Egypt where, hegrows and later lead the Hebrew slaves from Egypt to the PromisedLand. The movie is an excellent portrayal of the Passover and can bewatched by both the adults and kids (Jackson).

Themovie starts with the raid of Jewish settlement in Egypt by the menof Pharaoh. Jochebed places her child in a basket and sets it onRiver Nile hoping that this will save her child from the wrath ofPharaoh who orders his men to kill Jewish children to limit theirnumber. The basket is later noticed by Helen Mirren, the Queen ofEgypt. She adopts the children and gives him the name of Moses.Twenty years later Moses and his foster brother Ramses are seenracing chariots on the Egyptian temples where they destroy the idolsof Gods. Ramses is scolded by his father for the immature adventurethat he feels that Ramses is ruining the family dynasty since he isin the line of succession to the throne. Later in the day, a banquetis held, and Ramses is given the title of the Prince Regent. Ramsesjoyfully names Moses the Royal Chief Architect (Jackson). Ramses isgiven Tzipporah as a gift by the high priests Huy and Hotep, but herejects the girl and hands her to Moses. Tzipporah runs away to theJewish settlement with the help of Moses. While in the settlementMoses meets his siblings Miriam and Aaron and finds the truth abouthis origin. At first, Moses denies, but a nightmare and thediscussion with his adoptive parents make him realize the truth.

LaterMoses murders an Egyptian guard who was abusing an old slave. Beingconfused and ashamed of the act, he runs to exile in Midian. Whilethere he rescues the sisters of Tzipporah from the attack of bandits.Jethro, the father of Tzipporah, warmly welcomes Moses and designateshim the post of a shepherd. With time, Tzipporah and Moses getattracted to each other and eventually marry. While herding sheep, hereaches the burning bush where he is directed by God, Val Kilmer tofree the Jewish from slavery in Egypt. Later Moses and Tzipporahreturn to the palace and find that Ramses had already been crownedthe Pharaoh of Egypt. Moses asks Ramses to free the people of Jewishpeople. Moses demonstrates his ability of shepherding stick thattransforms into an Egyptian cobra. Huy and Hotep reiterate by thechange by bringing the numerous gods of Egypt. They are eaten by thesnake that has been created by Moses. Ramses reiterates byinstructing that the work of the labors be hardened. Following theorder nines, plagues ensue in Egypt (Jackson). Moses warns Ramses ofthe tenth plague, but he refuses to listen and chases Moses fromEgypt and asks him never to return. During the night of the PassoverGod descends to Egypt and kills all the first born children includingthe kid of Ramses. Following this Ramses accepts to free the Hebrews,and they start their journey. Ramses changes his mind and instructshis men to go after the slaves and Moses (Jackson). The Jews manageto cross the Red Sea as a pillar of fire is created by Moses to blockthe Egyptian army from the Rea Sea. Finally, Moses is able toliberate the Jews from slavery.

Ina nutshell, the movie Princeof Egypthighlights the struggles of the Jews to the journey of freedom. Thefilm employs the Biblical teachings from the Book of Exodus thatrecounts the life of Moses and how he later liberates the Jewish formthe slavery of the Egyptians. Indeed, the movie is able to advancethe theme of freedom that is critical for the well-being of people inthe society. Slavery is an evil that kills the progress anddevelopment of the community.

Queenof Katwe

Queenof Katwe isa movie that has been directed by Mira Nair. The film highlights theconstant struggles of living in the slum of Katwe in Kampala. Thefilm was released in 2016 by Walt Disney Pictures and runs for 124minutes. The film casts Maurice Kirya, Jack Kinobe Sserunkuuma,Esther Tebandeke, Madina Nalwanga, Lupita Nyong’o, David Oyelowo,and Nikita Waligwa among others. Nair presented the story of a familydrama by focusing on the insolvent Phiona Mutesi who resides in theslums of Katwe. Queenof Katweencompasses economic mobility while trying to meet the familyresponsibilities. The family of Phiona gain from the game of chessand thus elevating their economic status (Linden).

Thestory starts in 2007 where Phiona Mutesi is living with her motherNakku Harriet in the slums of Katwe. Phiona is living with hersiblings Mugabi Brian, Richard and Night. Phiona sells corn on thestreets of Kampala to sustain their family. One day while on herusual business she comes across a chess course that is taught byRobert Katende (Goldenberg). At first, Phiona is shy but laterbecomes adept about the chess program. She excels well and finallyemerges the winner at various the tournaments. The chess game helpsPhiona and family to uplift their living condition in the slums ofKatwe.

Queenof Katweis a movie that has one uplifting aspect of the chess that has to beviewed as an egalitarian sport. Chess is a game that tests the mentalsharpness of individuals, and despite Phiona being illiterate, shebecomes skilled in the playing chess. He mother cannot afford to takeher to school. Her proficiency in the chess game is a clearindication that it does not matter where one comes from to becomesuccessful. Indeed, people can go far once given the opportunity. Thefilm shows the story about supportive adults such as Robert andHarriet who nurture the talent of Phiona. Moreover, the film digsdeep into the economic life of people in the community. Nairindicates the poor condition of Phiona that has been transformed toriches. The film shows that the way out of poverty is very simple.Phiona goes to tournaments in foreign countries and gets a life thatis better than that of her country. A loss in the game means takingher family back since their support depends on her win. Queenof Katwe hasused the game of chess as a metaphor of life (Linden). The film canbe watched by all members of the family since chess has been used toconvey important lessons to the society. It offers the teaching thatGod can provide many ways that are unmanageable to set one out ofpoverty.

Ina nutshell, the film Queenof Katwe isa movie directed by Mira Nair that highlights on a life of a poorgirl, Phiona Mutesi who lives with her family in the slums of Katwein Kampala. Phiona sells corn on the streets since her mother cannotafford to take her and siblings to school. Phiona learns about thechess program offered by Robert. The program helps Phiona to free herfamily from poverty. Indeed, it is a clear indication that God canopen doors for the poor through many ways. God has used RobertKatende to help Phiona learn the game of chess. The chess programhelps Phiona to make money that supports the family that was livingin abject poverty. Phiona who was once a corn seller in the streetsof Kampala to support the family can now travel to differentcountries to participate in chess tournaments. The money acquiredfrom the competition supports her family. It is evident that God hasvarious ways of blessing and opening doors for the poor in thecommunity.


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