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problems of international students

Globalizationhas transformed how people interact today as it has made the worldlook like a village. Business and search for new colonies were whatpropelled nations to seek borders beyond their jurisdiction. However,after nations became independent and civilized in how they handledtheir matters, and understood the role education played in the modernworld, people across the world started to crisscross continents withintent to equip themselves with knowledge. As a result, the world hasseen an increase in international students. This has had itsconsequences though the international students face a lot ofchallenges as they try to adapt to new culture, food, socialintegration and language barrier, and being away from home.

Tobegin with, international students are often faced with lonelinessassociated with being away from home. Humans are social beings whoneed attachment with their loved ones and the environment they havebeen raised in. While other regular students can deal with feelingsof nostalgia by visiting those that they miss perhaps every week, forthe international students this would be expensive and aninconvenience to their studies.

Moreover,international students face the problems of integration. It is easierto interact with people from your country as you share something incommon such as pride in your nation or nationality, but foreignstudents might feel alienated and it might take some time before theyform strong relationships. Thus, they tend to stay aloof from others.

Furthermore,some students are faced with language barriers. In some countries,for instance, English is learned as an optional subject. This meansthat few learn and they do not perfect it as to them it is not amandatory. Therefore, when they are in foreign lands, where Englishis a primary language, they struggle to communicate and evenunderstand. This becomes a major challenge for these students toadapt smoothly as it affects someone’s self-esteem.

Additionally,these students also face issues of adaptation to new culture. Somestudents might find themselves in a culture that to them, theyconsider extreme or unwelcomed. This poses a challenge as they haveto appreciate and assimilate it. Also, they might find challenges inchanging their wardrobes and menus to suit the trends in thosecountries.


Therefore,international students face a lot of problems as they try to adapt tonew countries. They range from homesick, language barrier, social andcultural integration among others. These problems have been theimpediment to their smooth learning, but with time and counselingthese students can adjust well to the new environments and feel athome.