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Professional Development Plan

ProfessionalDevelopment Plan



Asan institution, we are committed to academic excellence. When weenroll learners into this institution, we do assure the parents thatwe will deliver the best quality teaching to their children. This iswhy the management has been allocating adequate resources to ensurethat all the staff is empowered to deliver their best services to thelearners. However, the school has not managed to accomplish its goalsof becoming the most performing school in the country. This wasrevealed following the recently conducted analysis of the previousperformance data. When I analyzed data from the student achievementresults, summary of teacher evaluation results, and classroomwalkthrough data, I established that a lot should be done to salvagethe situation.

Theanalysis of the data from the Mathematics and English departmentspointed out weaknesses in the teaching strategies, classroommanagement, and instructional trends. This is why many learnersproduced dismal results. When it comes to academic performance, Ifound out that the 6th,7thand 8thgrades did not perform well. The achievement results for the CommonUnit Assessments (CUA) were not satisfactory because it did not gobeyond 33% for the 6th,7, and 8thgraders. For example, the performance of the 6thgraders stood at between 12% and 19%. On the other hand, the 6thgraders attained between 16% and 27%. This was quite demoralizingespecially for the disabled whose performance was worse than theirnon-disabled counterparts. Even though the disabled have specialneeds to be addressed, they cannot use their situation to justify thedismal performance.

Apartfrom the poor performance of the learners, I also established a lotof inefficiencies in the teaching staff. Some teachers have beendoing a great job in imparting knowledge to the learners. However,some of them have not been up to the task. An observation of theMathematics and English departments showed that a large number ofteachers have been incompetent in their work. Despite the level ofexperience, the teachers still fail to apply the most appropriateteaching strategies in response to the diverse needs of theirlearners. While commending some teachers for the good job done, somehave failed to display competence in their duties. Such teachers havenot been successful in the classroom management and application ofinstructional approaches while attending to their learners.

Thesedata prove that the school has not lived up to the expectations. Itdoes not impress the management, staff, learners, government,parents, and the general public. It is a clear proof that the poorperformance has a direct relationship with the instructionalstandards. If the teachers were committed to and knowledgeable ontheir work, they would do their best to meet the needs of thelearners. Meaning, the learners would have performed better than theydid. For this reason, the institution should consider this as achallenge. Issues like co-teaching, motivation, classroom management,and instructional competence should be addressed in the teacherdevelopment plan if at all the institution is interested inaccomplishing its short and long-term goals of emerging as the bestperforming learning institution.

Implementationfor the (PD) for the Teachers




  • Total Period: 1 year

  • Preparation: 1 month

  • Execution:10 months

  • Evaluation:1 month


Coaching method will be applied because it is the most appropriate. It will give each teacher an opportunity to learn and acquire the desired knowledge.

Who is responsible for leading the PD Sessions

The PD sessions will be led by an outside contractor. This institution will seek the services of a resource person who will be hired to offer the necessary training to the teachers. This is recommended because a highly trained, experienced, and impartial professional will coach the teachers.

Desired Outcome

  • The teachers to acquire excellent classroom management skills.

  • The teachers to get excellent grasp of the instruction.

  • The teachers to have a deeper knowledge on teaching strategies.

  • The teachers to learn how to apply collaborative skills in the teaching and learning process.

  • The teachers to learn about latest the technological advancements in their respective areas of specialization.

  • The teachers to acquire perfect knowledge on background study of the learners’ diverse needs.

  • The teachers should be learner-centered and treat learners as the main focus of the instructional process.


  • Formative assessment will be done during each stage of the professional development to assess the extent to which each component is executed.

  • A summative assessment will be conducted at the end of the training to evaluate the overall success of the professional development process.

  • These will help in ascertaining the successes in the acquisition of the desired skills such as classroom management, team work, instructional, and pedagogical competence.

  • The assessment will also be relied upon to evaluate the effectiveness of the coaching strategies used in professional development. This will help in ensuring that the needs of each teacher are met.

  • The success of the professional development plan will translate into the success of the learning institution.