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Promotional Plan



Marketingentails organized actions which mainly aim at promoting an individualproduct or service. Promotion is important when a new product orservice is introduced into the market since it ensures that theproduct gains recognitionand hence maximizing profits.Relatively, even small businesses within an individual community needpromotion for the sellers to plan, make profitsand have customers. For example, this paper’s promotional plan isfor a bakingbusiness within the community. The business specialization is bakingthe cakes, scones, and doughnuts so that the community within enjoysfresh products. Since it is a new business, the sole objective ofcarrying out a promotion plan is to ensure that the target communitygets familiar with the firm.Notably, it will be crucial to come up with media platforms whichwill be used to carry out the promotional plan. Some of theapplicable media platforms include the use of social media, postersand fliers. Social media is an excellent choice for the advertisementsince most of the locals who are the target audience spend a lot oftime online chatting with friends while posters too are valuablesince they will note them while walking around the neighborhood.So as to ensure that the promotion is active,it will be important to have enough capital of approximately $250Kwhich will distributeamongst the three platforms for advertisement. At the end of thepromotion, the sales, and the customer turn-up will determine if thecampaign was successful. An advertising campaign is successful ifprofits come forth,and unsuccessful if no impact is noted.

Throughoutthis paper, the highlights for a promotion plan for cookery businesswill be the key area of discussion.

Goals for the Promotional Campaign

Entrepreneurscome up with promotions for the products having different goals intheir minds. The first goal for coming up with advertisementsfor the cooking business is to ensure that the local communitybecomes familiar with the new products in the market. For a longtime, the local community has wished to consume fresh bakes, but mostof the inhabitants are forced to buy at distant shops since they donot have a chance to bake it themselves at home. Theidea of promotion is essentialso as to create awareness aboutthe baking products. Even though the cakes, scones, and doughnutsmight be of high quality, it will be hard to have customers orrealize sales if the people are not informed. Through theadvertisement platforms highlighted earlier, the inhabitants of thelocal community will learn about the new product and will startpurchasing them. So as to create proper awareness regardingthese products, it is advisablethat the advertisement bearsthe details of the ingredients used to bake the commodities.

Secondly, thepromotion aims at increasing the sales of the product.The cooking business carriedwithin the local community can only be successful if it makesprofits. It is hard for a business to make profits or maximize salesif the people have noenough information regarding theproduct. Just a few individuals might have the knowledge regardingthe product, and this is why it is advisable to carry out anadvertisement. Through the social media, posters, and fliers, thoseinhabitants who are not familiar with the produce will learn aboutit, and this will ensure an upsurge in the sales of the goods.However, this promotion will aim two types of customers. Apart frominformation the new customers regarding the new baking business, thiswill also act as a reminder. There are those clients who are alreadyusing the products but on some occasions, it will be important toremind them so that they remain loyal to the business. All these areessential for increasing sales and profits.

Thirdly, thepromotion of the baking business situated within the neighborhoodaims at overpowering the competitors. Competition is a daily thingwhen it comes to business since every business person’s objectiveis to emerge the best. In this advertisement, the details providedwill counter attack the competitors by highlighting issues such asfreshness of the cakesas well as free delivery for allthe customers. Even though such businesses already exist in thelocality, the advertisement will subdue them since they do not offernewfoodstuffand free delivery services. The consumers typically enjoy dealingwith entrepreneurs who care about their needs, thus will switch toour business.

The Promotion’s Target Market and the reasons for targeting them

The bakingcompanyfocusesa fullmarket since it deals with foodstuff which is essential for allpeople. Despite that, the different forms of promotions must appealto different markets so that they cover a broader populace. Firstly,the marketing plan carried out via the internet will targetteenagers. Teenagers are the main users of the different platformsof social media. Some of the common social sites where the campaigntargeting the teenswill be carried out include Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Whenthis campaign takesplace here, it will be possibleto reach a wider range of teenagers who live in the community sincethey spend most of their time online.

Concerning business and consumption, targetingthe teens will be anexcellent idea since they mightbe the biggest consumers of snacks. Most teenagers attend collegesand high schools and always need to carry snacks to school so thatthey can have a bite during the breaks. Having a huge percentage ofteenagers as the primary customers for the snacks will ensure profitmaximization

The use of the posters is yet another form ofadvertisement which can be used to target the older generation whichmight include parents and guardians in general. Parents normally havethe responsibility of providing for the family. Sometimes, they findthe need of awarding their children with snacks whenever they dowell. Through the posters, the parents will get familiar with the newfoods since they go around the neighborhoodmaking it easier for them to come across the signsand details. Targeting this audience is of significant advantage forthe business since these are the people who have money and controlthe finances at home. If the parents refuse to buy the snacks, thenlosses will be incurred since even if the children like them they donot have money to purchase the mealsindependently. The business will manage to realize an increase insales if more parents getto know about the business sincethey have the capacity to buy the product.

The promotion will also focus on the officeslocatedin the locality of production. As noted before, this is a bakingbusiness which specializes in the baking of cakes, scones, anddoughnuts. Most offices provide their workers with tea during themorning and evening breaks. Notably, tea isserved with bread in mostoffices, and this is not the staff’s favoritesince bread is too common now. With the new idea of scones and cakes,the agencies’workers will enjoy the new products and will help in topping up thesales of the business.

The Selected Medias to use for the Advertisement and Reasons fortheir Selection

Promotion ofproduct and services is a technical task and requires that oneselects the best media for the exercise. For the baking commercewhich targets the local community, there will be an application ofthree media forms which are social media, fliers, and posters. Socialmedia is the first option to use for the advertisement since thecommunity widely uses it. Most people in the community use Facebook,Twitter, Instagram or WhatsApp to chat and keep in touch with friendsand families. Since the main aim of the business is to increase salesand maximize profits, reaching out people on these social sites willhelp to create awareness.

Moreover, social media is the best option since its charges are fair.In Facebook, the creation of the ‘‘Facebook ads’’ will costapproximately $150 K and this will ensure that the advertisement runsfor months, and thousands of people area reached.

One of the core competencies of publicitydemands that one settles for an advertisement method which is easy tounderstand (Morrison,2011). An example of thisplatform is the use of the posters which areplaced at strategicplaces within the community. The first reason for choosing the signis because they are easy to understand. In the poster, all that willbe needed is the name of the business, the available products, priceand the location of the business entity. Such simplicity in anadvertisement is crucial since the customers will easily understandand like the baking products.

Nevertheless, some people find it hard to standby the road and read the details on the posters. Moreover, these samepeople might not be on social media, and this will make it hard toreach them. So as to ensure that such an audience does not slip away,another promotion media to beused for the baking business willbe the use of fliers. For fliers, a marketer will just have to walkaround the community distributing the leaflets to passers-by as wellas dropping them at people’s residence. The main reason for usingthe fliers as well is because they have a longer shelf life and areremindful since the customers will always have them in their homes.Combining these three forms of media will ensure the success of thetrade.

Sample Advertisements for the Chosen Medias

  1. First, sample ad showing the posters for promoting the baking business

Sweet Bakers Ltd

Dealers in:-

  1. Fresh Cakes

  2. Fresh Scones

  3. Fresh Doughnuts

*We value our customers

  1. Second sample ad showing a Facebook page update for the baking business:

‘‘ATTENTION:Sweet Bakers Ltd is here to saveyour snacking needs. For fresh scones, cakes, and doughnuts contactus +46729012475 or email [email protected].“

  1. The third sample advert showing the fliers that will aid in promotion of the baking business

Sweet Bakers Ltd

For free delivery services of sweet and fresh bakes (cakes, doughnuts and scones) contact us on +46729012475

Above are the three sample advertisements whichwill be helpfulfor the advancementof the baking business. Firstly, the poster in the display is tryingto inform the customers the type of products available in the bakingbusiness. That is why the poster has the details of the three mostfamous fresh snacks baked by thefirm.

So as to show people a sample of the deliciousproducts, the poster also has an image of a cake which is baked bythis business. Similarly, the poster has the motto of the companywhich is ‘we value our customers.` The cause for including thisdetail in the poster is to ensure that the customers understand thatthey are necessary for the prosperity of the business. The message ismainly addressed to passers-by since the signs arein strategic places within the locality. Importantly, the postershould also be big enough for people to read the details even whenthey are at a reasonable distance.

The second sample advertisement isfrom the ad carried out on social media. Particularly, this promosample is for the Facebook users who are targeted by the business. Inthe update, the word ‘attention’ is written in capital letters soas to catch the attention of the social media users. Moreover, theadvertisement has the details of the products provided so that thecustomers can know what to expect when the visit the bakery. Thecontact information of any business is important as well(Morrison, 2011). Regarding this,the social media advertisement sample contains the phone number andthe email which the customers can use to place their orders.

Relatively, there is another sample which is aflierwhich isquite similar to posters but smaller in size. Although most of thecontent in the leaflet resembles those of the Facebook ad, the flierhas an exclusive detail which is free delivery. The free deliveryfeature is on the flier so as to attract more customers since thecompetitors do not offer such services.

The Cost of launching each of the Advertisements and the periodthey will run

The general cost for running all theadvertisement for the business is estimated to be approximate $250K. However, this amount will be divided differently on each type ofpromotion. The social media promotions will cost the most in thismarketing since many clients use social media. For Facebook, Twitter,and Instagram promoted updates on the advertisement, they will cost$150K. It willentail a long-term promotion which will run for at least 12 months.

Secondly, the posters too are important inpromoting the business, and enough money should be set aside forthat. So as to create quality and beautiful posters, it will cost$70K. The signs will be erected at strategic places and will bereplaced monthly for four months. The posters might not last for longsince some people might pull them off for their interest. So as toovercome such actions, it is important that they are placed at theirstrategic locations in phases to save for the expenditure.

The fliers are the least expensive when itcomes to this promotion since the will only cost $30K. Since theadvertisements are inthe form of smaller leafletscompared to the larger papers used for the posters, they will incurmuch lesser costs. Since it easy to come up with the fliers anddistribute them, they will last for a longer period of up to 18months to ensure availability of wider market.

Evaluation Methods to Determine the Success of the Promotion

The first procedure in the assessmentof the success of the developmentis through comparison of the previous sales with the after marketingsales. An increase in sales is one of the primary objectives forcarrying out advertisement. Anad project becomessuccessful if the sales growthand is a considered unsuccessful if the dealfalls or they remain constant(Morrison, 2011).

Similarly, it will be important to compare the sales of the bakingcompany so as to determine the success of the business. In case therecords indicate that the sales have fallen, it will mean that thepromotion was not well conducted and this will call for the planningof a second attempt to promote the business.

Another determinant which falls under section is the profitrealization. An increase in sales will ensure an increase in the rateof benefits made by the entity, and this is enough proof for thevictory of the baking trade.

Secondly, the feedback from the customers willalso determine the marketing achievement. The fliers had contactdetails of the business which the customers can use to contact thestorein case they want a delivery or if they have feedback. After carryingout the promotion, the rate of the commentsfrom the customers will define the success. If there is a relativelyhigh feedback from the customers, then the business developmentwould have been equally successful. However, the developmentis assumed to have failed in case the level of feedback is small.It alsoworks for the comments on the social sites. If the advertisementmanages to reach a broad audience via social media, it will ensurethe success of the business since more people will comment regardingthe goods.

The reaction from the competitors is adeterminant used to evaluate the success of a campaign. As noted, oneof the reasons for carrying out the campaign is to ensure that thebusiness overpowers the competitors. But the competitors might decideto re-brand or come up with similar services such as free deliverywhich was introduced by the Sweet Bakers Ltd. The competitors willhave to come up with similar services or even better that which wasalready set up by our company toput up with competition(Morrison, 2011).

Contrary, the rivals’ reactions too can lead to the conclusion thatthe promotion was unproductive if they do not take any step. In anycompetitive industry, the competitors will always find an immediatesolution so as to keep with the industry’s pace. Basing on this,failure to react by the competitors is a confirmation of unfruitfulmarketing since they will be unshaken by the move of thesepromotions.

Contributions of each Team Member to ensure the Success of thePromotion

Despite the challenges while setting up thispromotion, all the four team members played important roles inensuring the advertisement victory. The first team member came upwith the designs for the posters and the fliers. Itwas a significant contribution tothe success of the promo since the posters were attractive and easyto understand. Subsequently, the customers within the locality foundthe interest in the signsthanthe cakes cooked by the business.

Relatively, thesecond team member was instrumental in locating the best sites forplacing the signsas well as the distribution of the fliers to all the householdswithin the locality. The signs wereposted in ideal places, and thisled to extensive feedback since many people could come into contactwith them.

The third and the fourth members of the groupplayed important roles somewhat.The quest for a successful advertisement needed areal budget to caterfor the three forms of mediapromotion used.

Regarding the above, the other two membersdeveloped the budget and distributed the funds. Proper division ofthe funds ensured that all the advertising approaches workedperfectly and there was no scarcity of funds at any point. Mostadvertisement activities usually fall since the budget handlers failto allocate the right amount of capital to fuel the activitiesrelated to the ad.

In conclusion, before coming up with any ad, itis always important to set up the goals. Typically, the promotionaims at increasing the sales of the product. The baking businesswhich carriedwithin the local community can only be successful if it makesprofits. It is hard for a business to make profits or maximize salesif the people haveinadequate information regardingthe product. Furthermore, it is much easier to choose the bestpromotion mediums and has the target audience. The marketing plancarried out via the internet will target teenagers. Teenagers arethe main users of the different platforms of social media. Some ofthe common social sites where the campaign targeting the teens willbe carried out include Facebook, Instagram,and Twitter. When this campaign takes place here, it will be possibleto reach a wider range of teenagers who live in the community sincethey spend most of their time online. One of the core competencies ofadvertisement demands that one settles for an advertisement methodwhich is easy to understand. An example of this platform is the useof the posters which putin strategic places within the community. After carrying out thepromotion, it is vital to determine whether the action was successfulor whether it failed. For instance, the feedback from the customerswill also determine the marketing achievement. The fliers had contactdetails of the business which the customers can use to contact thestorein case they want a delivery or if they have feedback. Moreover, anadvertisement becomes successful if the sales increase and is aconsidered unsuccessful if the dealfalls or they remain constant. Similarly, it will be important tocompare the sales of the baking company so as to determine thesuccess of the business.


Morrison, M. A. (2011).UsingQualitative Research in Advertising: Strategies, Applications, andTechniques.Chicago: SAGE.