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Proposal for provision of catering services


Proposalfor provision of catering services


Ourcompany, Mario’s caterers, is renowned for an assortment of thefinest beverages and foods, an experienced and knowledgeable staff aswell as a wide selection of tableware, china, and silverware. Havingbeen in the catering business for the last three months, we strive tomeet distinct events needs with creativity and excitement, the finestquality ingredients as well as flawless elegance (Mervyn,Murray &amp Black, 2011).With our unparalleled service in this region, clients can alwayscount on us to deliver beyond their expectations.

Ourgoals include:

  • To satisfy our clients by creating authentic cuisine. When our client`s order, for example, Chinese or Italian cuisine, we ensure that we create just that.

  • We commit to serve healthier foods whenever possible

  • To continuously improve the quality of our services by acting on customer’s feedback.


AtMarios Caterers, we have written and unwritten contingency plans andprocedures that can be implemented by our staff to combat each andevery problem as and when it arises. Our two resident staff ensuresclear communication and availing of resources in creating differentsolutions for every catering function/event challenges that mayarise.

Althoughour company has only been in existent for three months only, we prideourselves with able and equally talented staffs who have worked inthe restaurant business for many years. For instance, our Chief Chef,Mr. David Seaman holds a masters degree in culinary arts from theUniversity of Nevada. Another permanent staff is Mr. Solomon Seamanwho holds a bachelor in Business Administration from the Universityof Oxford. Occasionally,we enlist the services of temporary staff mainly from the family whenthe situation demands. Notably, the list of our satisfied clients inthree last three months speaks for itself. Therefore, we hope to be aleading force in this industry in the near future.

Pricingand terms

Westrive to provide our clients quality food, and services atcompetitive prices. Our staff discuss with a client on the date,location, guest count and the time they would like their food andbeverages served. Upon reaching an agreement, the client is expectedto pay 50% of the estimated total cost. This amount is to be paid atthe time of booking. The final payment is due and demandable two daysbefore the function/event date. Payment terms are strictly on a cashbasis. Check and credit card payments are not accepted.

Thetables below shows a price schedule of various items







Sound equipment






Tables and chairs








$ 600

Menuand food


Minimum cost per person










AtMarios, we can serve up to 200 guests per day. This means that we canattend to more than one event depending on the requirements of eachevent. However, we levy extra charges for additional guests who maybe added outside the stated period. For instance, if additionalguests attended the event and had not been anticipated not budgetedfor, we normally charge our client accordingly.


Ourstrong relationships with the region’s best vendors enable us todeliver personalized services at short notice. We ensure that weincorporate style into every event that we participate in. Theappearance, the décor, the taste of the menu, the sensation and thequality of our foods creates a unique experience for each successfulevent (Mervyn,Murray &amp Black, 2011).Our business model is client-based where we allow our clients to tellus their preferences, the quantity of each food in the menu item, andthe additional, the choice of beverages and any other additionalservices they would want us to provide.

ManagementRepresentation Letter


Tothe Auditor

Thisrepresentation letter is provided with regard to your audit of thefinancial accounts for Mario’s&nbspCaterersfor the 3-month period ended November 15, 2016. The purpose of thisletter is to acknowledge our responsibility for accurate and fairrepresentation of the financial accounts in accordance with theGenerallyAccepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) (Zhang, 2014). Accordingly, ourcompany which is 3-months old has complied with rules and regulationas required by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB).

Wealso take this opportunity to confirm the completeness of thefinancial information presented to you regarding the identificationof related personnel and regarding the transactions which suchpersonnel that is critical to the financial statement. In otherwords, we are conscious of the fact that our business being afamily-run business may be bogged down by claims of conflict ofinterest especially where financial accounting is involved. Towardsthis end, the identity of, and balances of transactions withconcerned parties have been adequately recorded and disclosed whenappropriate in the financial statements.

Finally,we have duly disclosed to you about the actual or suspected caseregarding non-compliance with regulation that could have aconsiderable material effect on our books of accounts.


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