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Psychological Disorders What`s Eating Gilbert Grape?


PsychologicalDisorders: What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?

Psychological Disorders: What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?

Psychological disorders are illnesses that affect the brain. They aremental or behavioral patterns that cause inability to perform someduties that an ordinary person can easily do in normal life.Psychological conditions are classified as disorders when they causedysfunction. Some examples of mental health problems includepost-traumatic issue, phobia, anxiety, and personality disorder. Inthe movie “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape,” there is the portrayalof psychological disorders that are depicted through the charactersthat show signs and symptoms of possession of mental anomalies.


Autism is the psychological disorder that the movie portrays. ArnieGrape meets the criteria for abnormal in this portrayal because hereacts to emotions in a different manner. For example, he laughs onserious issues. When Gilbert tells him that their father is dead,Arnie bursts into laughter shouting “dad is dead.” According toChristensen (2016),such signs indicate an abnormality.


Some of the mental illnesses I noted in the movie include difficultyin social interaction and poorly developed language skills yet thepatient is about to turn 18 years. One can easily note how slowly andfrequently he talks with littlevocabulary. Also, thepatient screams andscreeches when he is overexcited. People with autism have thetendency of low self-esteem and they feel they have been ignored andhated they at times opt to do unusual things for others to noticetheir presence (Hallström, 1993). For example, Arnie could climb thewater tower, and he could feel safe when the police and other peoplecame to beg him to come down the building. Some of thecharacteristics shown in the movie are that he could wiggle hisfingers many times and even flap his hands. The film does notidentify characteristics such as little eye contact and moving closerto someone when speaking among others.


The movie does not mention causal factors of Arnie’s disorder. Thedoctor said that the boy had autism, which was a severe disease thatshortened life he even added that he had been lucky to live past tenyears and that he could die anytime soon. There is no completeresearch about the causes of this condition (Hallström, 1993).However, various sources indicate that it is a severe condition of agenetic predisposition the disposition is natural and hereditary. Ithappens by nature, and there is no drug that has been invented tocorrect this disorder.


Arnie received some social support from his brother Gilbert, whichhelped him greatly. Gilbert tries to make him experience and livelife in the perspective of other people he tries to make him imitatewhat he says. Arnie has a difficult time trying to integrate realityand conceptualize aspects like time (Hallström, 1993). The movieshows the care that is typical of this condition because it has nospecific cure however, it can be controlled by handling manyconditions like seizures and sleep disturbance, making the personconcentrate more.


Arnie’s disorder had a lot of impact on the family at large,especially his brother Gilbert who took it as a personalresponsibility to take care of him. He has to conduct periodic andfrequent supervisions on his brother because he could harm himself ordo something that could make other people hurt him this made Gilbertuncomfortable by having to worry about the whereabouts of his brother(Hallström, 1993). The disorder also causes rivalry among familymembers when Ellen tries to stop Arnie from climbing the water towerand pushes him aside hurting his hand, Gilbert comes to help him andalmost fights with Ellen.


The biological basis surrounding the mental disorder in the film wasnot portrayed. However, it is important that the basis is given amovie should be aimed at educating besides entertaining (Hallström,1993). In this film, it would have been substantial that the vieweris made to know the basis of the disorder to be educated. The causesof Autism are not known, but it has been discovered to be a severecondition of genetic predisposition or unknown factors.Characteristics of the disorder include the wiggling of fingers,periodic violence, and self-harm.


The cultural effect on mental anomalies is tremendous. Culturedefines what is normal and abnormal it holds the societal norms andthose who live opposite the expectations of the community areconsidered to be having a problem. Some cultures may see disorders ascurses and effects of paranormal causes(Christensen, 2016). The scenario in the film was asociety that had embraced technology and they viewed the disorder forwhat it, was a mental complication.


The film is effective in displaying the plight of those sufferingfrom the disease however, the idea of portraying Arnie as one wholacked empathy was not precise. Autistics should not also bepresented as lesser beings in the movie, Arnie was always seendirty, and he was playing wild children’s games and toys, whichportray a bad picture of those who are suffering from the condition(Hallström, 1993). The disorder was also characterized as adisunifying factor in families and the society this should not bethe case, and it should bring people together with the one goal ofprotecting and caring for the victims of the disorder. The siblingsshould meet and have duties of taking care of their brother and notleaving the whole work for Gilbert. Also, the society ought to havecontributed to this family, which was direly in need of time andresources to care for their child.


The lessons I learned in this assignment are diverse and obliging.First, I noted that the caring of people with mental illnesses ordisorders can be tough and should be taken seriously care shouldalso be taken by the whole community and not leaving the task to thefamily members as it may be impossible to balance the work that hasto be done at home and attend to the patient at the same time.Furthermore, I appreciate that patients with mental disorders shouldbe accepted and helped to feel loved they should get necessaryprovisions and care at all times. It is also vital to understand theaffected individuals when they do something wrong, one should notscold, bully, or beat them as they are innocent. The experience ofwatching this film will be essential in my future in different ways.For instance, I will be in a position to handle physically challengedindividuals with care and love. Besides, I will do an extensiveresearch to try and unearth the causes of such a disorder.

In summation, mental disorders are part of the society’s realitiesthere is little that can be done to control it. However, it is themoral duty for all to care for the victims of psychological illnessas they can hurt themselves if left unattended. Victims ought to beloved and provided for and not bullied and scolded. The experience ofwatching this film will be essential in my future in different ways.For instance, I will be in a position to note people with autism byanalyzing their behaviors.


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