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Psychology attitudes and environment

Psychology:attitudes and environment

Psychology:attitudes and environment


Educationalenvironment forms one of the paramount factors influencingpersonality development, especially attitude. Research studiesindicate that a positive school atmosphere creates provides studentswith information and problem-solving expertise. Moreover, it providesa student with a sense of being a learner. Despite the learningstyle, education provides students with adequate knowledge and equipsthem with capabilities to seek information helpful in solving lifechallenges. A positive educational atmosphere also helps students toefficiently relate to other authority figures such as teachers andclub sponsors[ CITATION Sch131 l 1033 ].Classroom environment plays a vital role in ensuring competition andcooperation with other students. School environment presents anopportunity to develop and test student’s beliefs, right or wrongthus significant in modeling personality.

Communityand the world

Theworld is consistently changing as a result of the drasticenhancements in social, economic, and technological facets. Due tothe accelerated transformations taking place in the contemporaryworld, every generation faces and develops within a different set ofenvironmental conditions. The impact of technology has been felt hardby the current generation, as the society shifts from industrial toinformation oriented[ CITATION Bic11 l 1033 ].Computers, electronic gadgets, and smartphones have been popularamong the youngsters, providing gaming platforms and otherrecreational features. The use of the internet has enabled people toautomate most of their activities and processes such as bankingservices and online payment of bills[ CITATION Bic11 l 1033 ].Additionally, the enhanced technology has facilitated communicationbetween friends and families.Media is another significant factor that influences the developmentof personality to a greater extent. Media instruments such as thetelevisions, magazines, the internet, movies, and newspapers are justexamples that provide both entertainment and information.


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