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Psychology in My Life


Psychologyin My Life

Psychologyin My Life

Careerchoice is one of the most important decisions that an individualmakes especially during the period of study. I have chosen to becomea business administrator, pursuing a course that will assist me inthe field. There are several psychological concepts that have pushedme towards the choice. The vocational interests have been a majorarea of concern for experts for several years. As a vital activity,it will determine my professional life. Different studies haveattempted to determine the classification of one’s experiences thatdrive them towards a specific area. A person has a multitude ofoptions and having to pick one depends on several reasons fromconcepts such as personality, cognition, development, and behavior.Each has an influence on the decision as they push an individual’sfuture expectations and how they would like to spend the rest oftheir lives. Thispaper will explain the major psychological concepts, theories andperspective, and also describe research methods used I peer reviewedjournal to explain behaviour.

Thereare four main psychological concepts that influence one’s careerdecision, namely behavior, development, cognition, and personality.Behavior refers to the range of actions and mannerisms that anindividual makes her or his systems and entities with relation to theenvironment. Each person responds differently to the surroundingsdepending on stimuli and inputs, consciousness and perspectives.Cognition refers to the mental actions in pursuit of acquiringknowledge and understanding. Through one`s experiences, thoughts, andsenses, people gain knowledge, memories, judgment, reasoning,problem-solving, decision-making, and comprehension of the presentand the future. Personality determines a set of personal differencesthat are affected by the values, attitudes, social relationships,skills, memories, and habits. It is an enduring relationship that isrevealed by a particular behavioral pattern depending on varioussituations. Development refers to how humans change over the courseof their lives (Gregory 2011). From childhood, adolescence toadulthood, one gains the motor skills, moral understanding, knowledgeacquisition, social changes, emotional development and the formationof identity. Each of the four concepts is important in making adecision towards a person’s career.

Thearticle “Predictions for Career Indecision in Adolescence” byElena Christina Starica gives different concepts affecting thevocational choice for a person at a young age. It has beeninfluential in determining the direction of my career and the coursesthat I will pursue to achieve it. According to the author, there areseveral reasons that push an individual towards decision-making,which includes self-efficacy, academic self-esteem, personalitytraits, development and the locus of control (Christina 2011). Theyare main cognitive factors that affect the diversity of career choiceprocesses. As an adolescent, I am faced with a challenge of choosinghow I would like to spend my life since there are several tasks andefforts targeted towards a specific decision. It shapes one’sfuture, well-being, financial status and social status. The articlecarries out a study on 99 students to determine the psychologicalconcepts that have pushed them towards their choices. Theirdevelopment, growth, maturation, educational experiences, influencefrom parents and peers, mentoring and personality differences haveeffects on their decisions. As one’s life develops, it impacts howindividual think and the direction they would like to pursue.

Accordingto the article, there are several reasons that pushed me towardsbecoming a business administrator. The author suggests thatinteraction patterns, attachment, social and family support,perceptions and identity-related factors affect career choice. Thestudy investigates not only indecision but the challenges that anadolescent faces using a linear regression model. I have evaluatedall the cited predictors among students, showing some of the reasonsthat influenced my decision. One of the factors is parental control,which falls under the developmental psychology (Christina 2011). Ithas had a great impact on my personality, cognition and behavior.Most of my closest family members are successful business managers.They have been my mentors, directing my attention towards associatedfields. I have also worked under some of them during the holidays,learning the main attributes that one should possess to perform therequired tasks effectively.

Developmentis the main psychological concept that has influenced my decision tobecome a business administrator. As a student in the field ofpsychology, I have learned that people grow and change depending onthe environment and influential personalities in their lives. Fromchildhood, I learned to express my thoughts, tell people what I want,deal with emotions, think critically and recognize the needs in mylife. I can now make an informed career choice based on the aspectsand experiences in my life. The components of development such asgrowth, learning, mentoring and maturation have a major impact on thedecision (Gregory 2011). I now know my values, interests, aptitudesand soft skills, which combined with personality traits show that Iam fit for a business manager. Using several assessment tools andtests, I have enough information about my attitudes and needs for aprofessional life. I also have facts about the job description,training and educational requirements, employment and advancementopportunities as well as labor market information. I have alsoidentified the short-term and long-term goals.

Inconclusion, the article carries out a study on 99 students todetermine the psychological concepts that have pushed them towardstheir choices. The components of development such as growth,learning, mentoring and maturation have a major impact on thedecision. According to the article, goalless adolescents are in adilemma about what career to pursue in their lives. I have gatheredall the necessary details in setting the roadmap towards achieving myneeds. The plan will assist in making the necessary steps towardsachieving my goals.


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