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Public Health California World Fires

PublicHealth: California World Fires

Californiahas vast, and unoccupied lands that either serve as ranches or theyare just natural forests. Occasionally, wildfires occur and raze downextensive vegetation in large pieces of land. According to Park andTuysuz (2016), the latest fire incident resulted in the evacuation ofmore than 80,000 residents staying in over 34,500 homes that werevulnerable to the blaze. Each time the wildfire occurs, it poses animminent danger to the rail traffic, structures, and public safetysubsequently, it is essential to inform the public and the mediaabout the outbreak of the wildfires.

Oneof the public health risks the fires cause includes human deaththrough the intense heat, suffocation, or even trauma. It isnoteworthy that several civilians live in areas where their livestockcould burn to death in the case they do not evacuate on time.Besides, property such as houses also needs protection from theinferno.

Effectivecommunication about the fires to the media is vital as the publicreceives the information on time. Moreover, the people in theaffected regions would have enough time to pack and evacuate on time.In July 2016, for example, authorities in Santa Clarita, Californiareported that they found a human body near the Iron Canyon Road.Although the cause of death of the victim was not established atonce, it was possible that he could have succumbed to the injuriesassociated with the fire (Associated Press, 2015). Perhaps, thecasualty had not received the news that the area was under emergencyfire evacuation. As a result, he was engulfed in the fireunknowingly.

Theprimary public risks involved with miscommunication of the Californiaworld fires would be the intensive destruction of homes, as well ashigh human and livestock deaths. In the August wildfire, dubbed theBlue Cut,more than 8,000 firefighters were deployed to help the civilians toprotect their houses. In the case, the emergency was communicatedincorrectly over 80,000 of the evacuated residents could haveperished together with their livestock and structures (Park &ampTuysuz, 2016).

Inconclusion, effective communication is essential to the public healthin the case of California fires. The media informs the public aboutthe regions that would need immediate withdrawal, as well as the bestescape route. Timely communication about the fire risk ensures thecivilians can escape the fire hazard on time, as well as save theirlivestock and essential belongings. On the contrary, inaccuratecommunication about the wild fires could result in massive animal andhuman casualties, as well as property destruction considering thatpeople in the affected zones would not have time to prepare for anevacuation. Furthermore, a false alarm could result in unnecessarypublic panic.


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