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Public Health Nursing

PublicHealth Nursing

PublicHealth Nursing

Healthis a fundamental resource that members of the community strive toacquire. Public health is regarded as a basic need that must receiveadequate attention and effort from the community. A suitable nursingprogram that involves the community health nurses working together isthe nurses for a healthy tomorrow programs. This program is acoalition of about 43 nursing as well as health care organizationsthat work together to promote communications aimed at attractingindividuals to the profession of nursing (Nurse Source, 2016). Therole of community health nursing program is to facilitate andchampion health promotion with an aim of improving the quality ofhealthcare. This will be achieved by utilizing advanceddecision-making strategies that enhance the quality of care and theprocess of working together with nurses and the community (Universityof Florida, 2008). The NHT program has a role to play in theprevention of disease and injury given that instead of waiting untilthe problem becomes severe, the program heightens awareness regardingthe shortage of nurses and the available chances in this professionto create an impact (Nurse Source, 2016).

Thecommunity-nursing program promotes consultation activities that boostthe use of knowledge and expertise in health care and the preventionof disease and injury. Consultation activities provide healtheducation that focuses on enlightening the public towards bettermeans of acquiring treatment. With theuse of facilitation services, the program can educate on effectiveways of care and treatment(Community Health Nurses of Canada, 2009).The program emphasizes onequity through community development. This ensures that everyindividual is insured in regards to health care. Currently,the program utilizes community assessment data to determinepopulation health needs(Kulbok, 2012). The community is then able to assess their healthneeds and develop efficient means to address them. This way thecommunity health nursing can engagethe individuals in health promotion activities and build strong,trusting relationships(Cathy &amp Abel, 2016). The community nursing programs are thusregarded as integral to the improvement of healthcare services.


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