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Qsen 6


Informationtechnology skills are essential for safe patient care for variousreasons. They enable health care providers maintain accurateinformation and help them offer quick and efficient services topatients. IT skills enable the caregivers to coordinate better asthey attend to patients. Information on any patient is keptelectronically and easily retrieved from any location using theseskills. IT skills also simplify sharing of patients’ information.The information can be accessed over the internet by relatives andfamily members and also by medical institutions in cases where apatient`s information is required. Password and encryptions enableonly authorized personnel to access patients’ information. ITskills facilitate the quick diagnosis of health problems, providessafer care at a decreased cost and reduces medical errors (Agency forHealthcare Research and Quality, 2015).

Itis important for all healthcare professionals to seek lasting andcontinuous learning of information technology skills (Agency forHealthcare Research and Quality, 2015). The IT skills enable them toprevent errors it improves their performance since they can attendto patients faster. It simplifies their work since it empowers themto access the required data about a patient’s health located incomputerized hospital systems. It also enables them to adapt to thechanging world where IT skills are crucial, and one cannot ignorethem.

Informationand technology management are important for safe and quality patientcare. In the care of patients, IT management techniques are used tocomputerize the storage and retrieval of patients’ medical records.Computerization ensures that patients’ records are safe and easy toretrieve. Before computerization, it was easy to lose patients’files in the manual system of storing medical records. IT managementtechniques are also used to computerize the registry of diseases andin the process of prescribing drugs to patients. Proper IT managementimproves the quality of patient care since it simplify the process ofattending to patients and improve on information storage.


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