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Quantitative Research



This is a form of research design that involves the use of figuresand comparison analysis in order to conduct a comparison analysis.Quantitative research therefore revolves around the use ofmathematical variables in the analysis of information collectedthrough various channels during a survey (Creswell, 2013). It is anobjective process and aims to conduct a comparison analysis betweenvarious components of the research process. This paper will involve aquantitative analysis of the components of the research process. Itwill integrate factors such as dependent and independent variables,null hypothesis and alternate hypothesis. Finally, it will discussthe research questions and establish a strategy and measurement oftests.

The central question in this study has been focused on the steps thatare being taken by organizations to ensure that they are in aposition to overcome the employment barriers in Chicago’sWashington-Heights community. In this regard, the paper has beenfurther divided into two main research questions (Creswell, 2013).The first one discusses the effectiveness of service in relation tofinding employment. This research question aims at determining howfinding employment is influenced by effectiveness of service.Therefore, the independent variable in this case would beeffectiveness of services. On the other hand, the independentvariable is stable employment. This can be attributed to the factthat the rate of stable employment is extensively determined by theeffectiveness of the services being offered in Chicago’sWashington-Heights community?

The second research question is based on the identification ofemployment barriers on the success of the participants. In this case,the independent variables will be the barriers that influence therate of employment in Chicago’s Washington-Heights community? Onthe other hand, the dependent variable is the success of theparticipants. This is because the latter is determined by thebarriers that have been identified to influence the effectiveness ofthe participants.


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