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Reading Discussion Speaker notes

ReadingDiscussion: Speaker notes


Slide2: Opportunities and Challenges of Technology for the Government

Someof the key opportunities associated with use of technology by thegovernment include an increase in the level of transparency andproductivity in the public agencies. However, the application oftechnology in the government agencies is associated with a high cost,weak testing processes, and the lack of clear criteria for assessmentof plausibility. These challenges limit the ability of the governmentto adopt technology.

Slide3: Implications of Big Data

Technologyhas increased the availability of the big data that can be used toinform the government decisions. Some of the key implications of thebig data include an increase in the mutual citizen-governmentunderstanding, government efficiency, and an improvement in publicservice delivery. However, the government agencies face someconstraints that limit their capacity to access information. Theseconstraints include the lack of intelligence center that can play therole of gathering and storing data and the inadequacy of technical aswell as logical experts in the public sector. All these constraintsare valid, but they can be addressed.

Slide4: PS’s Response to Technological Change

ThePS responds to challenges by escalating the modernization of the ITprojects and eliminating the monopoly providers. In addition, thegovernment has been squeezing suppliers in order to reduce the costof adopting technology. Things can be done differently by employingtechnical as well logistical experts. In addition, an increase inresearch and assessment before the implementation of technologyprojects can minimize crises and disappointments.

Slide5: Questions

Whatare the main barriers to big data governance?

Somecitizens fail to trust the government with their data. This limitsthe ability of the government to collect, store, and use big data. Inaddition, there are several ethical issues (such as privacy) thatlimit the capacity of the government to apply the big data.

Whatis the primary objective of big data governance?

Theobjective is to establish the citizen-focused government.

Whatis the difference between public and private sectors in technologyadvances?

Theprivate sector is able to adopt technology in a more cost effectiveway compared to the government agencies.