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Reflection of Habitat Conservation


Reflectionof Habitat Conservation

This week in the unit of Environmental Science, we focused on thebiodiversity preservation through habitat conservation. To me, thishas been an interesting topic. Habitat conservation seeks to protect,preserve, and reinstate habitat areas for animals and plants. Today,the human population is increasing hence, land use. As a result,wild species have less space to live. Humans are intervening andplacing them in the zoo or aquarium. Advantages and disadvantages ofhabitat conservation are some of the things that I have learned.

To start with, habitat conservation has many benefits to thewildlife, as well as to the humans. It maintains the environment,enhances natural beauty, and diversity of species. All plants andanimals are crucial components of the ecosystem, and they need eachother for their survival. Protecting their habitats will preventtheir fragmentation, extinction, and reduction in range. Plantscreate an environment that is friendly for the growth of variousanimals and birds. They provide them with food, shelter, and shade.On the other hand, animals provide plants with compost and seeddispersal tendencies, which provide nutrition and help them todisperse through the habitats respectively. Further, habitatconservation is necessary for protecting the endangered species. Itprevents them from being killed, as well as facilitates them toproduce young one and increase in population.

On the other hand, while conserving the habitat, other detrimentalconsequences may occur to the environment. This is because trial anderror management tool used in most cases. In addition, some methodsof conservation favor certain animal and plant species over others.Surprisingly, the ignored may be the most imperative in theecosystem. For instance, the invertebrates are very significant inthe ecosystem, but there are few policies laid down to conserve them.Further, habitat conservation limits development. For instance, it isprohibited to build stores, factories, houses, roads, or even farmand mine on the land that wildlife use.

However, after my evaluation, advantages of conserving habitatoutweigh disadvantages. It is, therefore, important for everyindividual to take the initiative and conserve plant and animalhabitats hence, preserve biodiversity.