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Reflection of Kiva

Reflectionof Kiva

Reflectionof Kiva

Kivais an online social entrepreneurship platform that facilitatesone-on-one lending via their website. The organization’s mission isto “Connect people through lending to alleviate poverty” (Aaker,2009).The establishment of this organization was exhilarated by the need toshowcase original stories of entrepreneurs helped through theplatform. The organization aims at providing entrepreneurs withdignity and respect. Kiva operates through the dimension of socialentrepreneurship and social networking. Through the website,individuals can lend money to entrepreneurs of their choice in anypart of the developing world. Each entrepreneur who solicits for aloan through Kiva must be a hardworking individual who hopes to bringsustainability of livelihoods through the money loaned.

Theidea of lending money to unknown people via the internet isrelatively new. However, the story of Kiva is inspirational andmotivating. The good thing is that its mission binds the operationsof the organization. The organization targets developing parts of theworld, especially African countries. Through the platform, buddingentrepreneurs in underdeveloped parts of the world can act as agentsof change. Through the collective efforts of these entrepreneurs,sustainable livelihoods can be created in these places leading toimprovements in people’s standards of living.

TheKiva platform simplifies the process of obtaining funding forentrepreneurs by eliminating bureaucracy experienced in microfinanceinstitutions, particularly in the developing countries. Moreover, forentrepreneurs to secure loans via the Kiva platform, they must behardworking individuals who can prove that they can bring change intheir communities. This encourages the spirit of hard work and theneed to make impacts in their communities. Therefore, the story ofKiva is quite encouraging. As an innovative way to combat poverty, itcan go to greater heights in helping people use their ideas to createa wellbeing for themselves and their communities.


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