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Religious and Ethnic Groups

Religiousand Ethnic Groups

Religiousand Ethnic Groups

Thereare varying types of religious and ethnic groups in the world today.These groups help ensure individuals in the society have someguidance in the modes of operation as well as responsibility. Thevarious religious and ethnic groups vary depending on the culturalactivity and location. My religious group of choice is the RomanCatholic as the ethnic consideration has the discussion on thebenefits of Christianity addressed (Moranet al. 2014)

Thereligious group l choose and wish to look at is the Roman Catholic.It is among the oldest religious groups that helped in givingguidance to believers. The religion is different from other groupssince we have a reliance on Gnostic gospel which are books that wereexcluded from the bible used by other types of beliefs. The ideacomes from the fact that the knowledge was handed down through theRoman Empire. The group also has differences in beliefs, and that isthrough looking at Peter as the successor of Jesus. The theory isconsidered false by any other worship groups existing. The RomanCatholic assisted in the process of building Americans culture. Theprocess was through the provision of labor in the 19th century.Discrimination on Catholicism is evident for it was seen whenPresident J F Kennedy almost lost the election just from declaring hewas a member of Catholic. The main source of these point ofdiscrimination will be against the Protestants which downplays mostof what the church is trying to achieve. The Roman Empire used to bea governing group that helped in maintenance of discipline in therecent times. I believe therefore change is experienced regardingcurrent Catholics lack of the ability to help in the direct governingof issues in the world (Wilder2014)

Myethnic group of choice is composed of individuals making up theMexican American. The Mexican Americans differ from other groups insome ways considering their skin tone and ways of life. Havingoriginated from Mexico, they come with some social behavior from thatvery country. The particular group is seen as unique from othertribes as well as original Americans considering their prevalence todiseases. They have a high prevalence of diseases such as asthma,chronic diseases, HIV/AID’S and obesity. These group has affectedthe America’s culture in various ways. The common way is throughproducing a lot of talented soccer players and therefore increase thepopularity of soccer in the United States of America. These group ofindividuals are however discriminated against severally. Thediscrimination affects them to a level that can be known from thereincreased levels of poverty (Leiner et al 2016). Statistics keepsthem at the nation`s minorities among the growing population, andmore than twenty percent of these group are under poverty levels. Thesource of this discrimination, however, is from their known historyof crimes and therefore making people think for some time beforepicking them against another tribe. After socializing with a fewMexican Americans, my perception of this group changed since lbelieved that their traits have been highly generalized (Rothschildet al 2014).

Inconclusion, it is evident when addressing the significance ofreligious as well as ethnic groups in the determination of somedifferent ideas. The article helps in determination of the roles ofChristianity in the society and how much the Roman Catholic Churchinfluences individual’s lives


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