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Goodjob on P&amp G organizational structure. The explanations are clearand informative, which made me learn something on P&ampG. I now knowhow the company began. I understand that their old organizationalstructure was a global-area design, together with the strengths andweakness of the design. The post helps me understand that the betterway to use P&ampG’s structure is in foreign markets and that theprocess incurs high operation expenses (Conklin,2011).However, the paper has no information on how foreign markets arebeneficial. I also think that the post would have been moreinformative if you indicated the eight development organizationsproposed by Durk Jager. I also agree that Lafley’s matrix plan wayof communication is beneficial to P&ampG.

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Thisis an interesting read. I like how you start by directly explainingthe old structure of Proctor &amp Gamble Company. It would have beenmore informative if you stated and explained the four geographicregions in which the organization is based. I also like how you havestated the weakness and strengths of structure as it makes them wellunderstandable. I concur with your conclusion that P&ampG need astructure that focused more on innovation. The explanations on DurkJager are well articulated, helping one to know why Jager got fired.I also agree with you that Jager’s method lowered morale of staff,as some staff members could be forced to take new unfamiliarpositions (Lewis, 2012). Your post has also made me understand thatLafley‘s global matrix plan takes care of both geographic regionsand product divisions.

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Thisis an interesting post. It is interesting how you have been able toshow the old structure of P&ampG and the quantity of its products. Ilike that you have indicated the number of countries the companyoperated. However, the paper does not clearly show the strength,weaknesses, and the reason why old structure failed to fit P&ampG’scurrent global strategy. You have done a great work in showing thestrengths and weaknesses of Jager’s organizational proposal, but Ibelieve the post would have been more informative explained insteadof just stating them. For example, I think Jager’s proposal failedto improve innovation in P&ampG (Irwin,2012).


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