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Report On Progress

ReportOn Progress

Reporton Progress

Nursingcare is important because it improves health outcomes. The patientswho receive effective care have high rates of discharge and recovery.The patients also adopt proper lifestyle and dietary habits thatenhance recovery and prevent them from getting opportunisticinfections or diseases. Nurses are required to offer bedside carebecause it enhances communication and relationship with the patients.

Appropriatechanges in care should be adopted to enhance the quality of healthcare. The nurses should identify patients by their names andcommunicate while making eye contacts (Sue, 2013). These measuresimprove the relationship between the nurses and the patients.Therefore, the nurses can understand the needs of the patient andoffer advice on the best treatment procedure.

Governanceshould be enhanced in health institutions to achieve high-qualityhealth care. The hospital administrators should allocate enoughresources. The annual budget should have finances for employing morenurses so as to offer effective personalized care to the patients.The administrators should also ensure that the work environment forthe nurses is safe, healthy, and comfortable (Caldwell, 2012). Theyshould be given sufficient protective equipment like gloves, labcoats, and gas masks to enable them to provide good care to thepatients.

Healthinstitutions should put more effort in training nurses so as toimprove their skills, experience, and knowledge. Training enablesnurses to understand the emerging best practices in health care forexample, adoption of health information systems in healthinstitutions (Policy Plus, 2012).

Communicationis important in health care because it provides information aboutproper management of a health situation. Health institutions shouldinstall information systems that enhance information exchange bynurses, patients, and other health care staff. One effectiveinformation system is the Health Information System (HIS). It enablesnurses to access personal and care information of the patient at theclick of a button. HIS is internet enabled. Nurses can, therefore,communicate with other health staff regarding the best way to providepatient care.

Thepartnership entails collaboration between various health staff.Nurses are expected to work as a team with other health specialistsso as to increase health outcomes (Rush, 2012). For example, nursesshould work together with pharmacists to ensure that the patient isgiven proper medication.


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