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Request for Proposal

Requestfor Proposal



Attention: SSJEMMConsulting Firm

Address: 606-3727Ullamcorper. Street Roseville NH 11523 (786) 713-8616 Theodore Lowe Ap #867-859 Sit Rd. Azusa NewYork39531 (793) 151-6230 Calista Wise

Location: Roseville,New York

Telephone: +44765 397 009

Email: [email protected]

Fax: (070)412 34 56

Website: www.ssjemm.ca.org

ProcurementOfficer:Engineer Anthony Phillips


Inthe case of a formal notice of protest, suggestion, or complaintabout the request for proposal, the notice shall be directed to theofficer in charge of procurement, Anthony Phillips within 72 hoursfrom the date of posting the solicitation. Regarding the contractaward, any protest or complaint should be made known to theprocurement officer within five working days (1 week) after awardpublication.


Projectchange control is a systematic formal approach that involves themanagement of all modifications that are made to a system or product.The objective of change control process is to monitor the process ofchange so as to ensure that all necessary changes are made anddocumented. The process ascertains that services are not disrupted,and resources are efficiently used by guaranteeing that nounnecessary changes are made.

Thechange control process is in place to address the changes made to thescope, budget, materials, and schedules. Changes due to externalfactors will also be documented and reviewed. The process will ensurethat only necessary and cost-justified changes are approved andimplemented. The full impact of these changes to this renovationproject will be fully understood to aid in maintaining and managingquality and risks respectively.

Anychange, whether major or minor, will require that the change proposalrequest form be submitted for the approval of the SSJEMM consultingfirm`s change control board before implementation. This boardconsists of the renovation project sponsor, project, quality,procurement and technical managers.