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Research Design



Inorder to conduct a study that examines the effects of social media onpeople’s views about political candidates and issues, the researchwill involve a descriptive research design where surveys will beconducted to get quantitative data on the subject.

Thestudy will involve two approaches: the empirical research and atheoretical method. The empirical approach will require repeatedobservations of how people use the social media to air their views onpolitical subjects and candidates. The researcher will thereforeexamine various social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook.The key areas to look out for include the sharing, comments given,posting and the linking of political subjects and aspirants. Thetheoretical analysis will be useful in providing information fromvarious studies that examine the use of social media and how it hasinfluenced political opinions and the choice of candidates.


H1-Social media has no effect on people’s views about politicalcandidates and issues

H2-Social media platforms play a significant role in influencingpeople’s views about political candidates and issues.


Thecollection of data will mainly involve an online survey. Theapproach is beneficial because it can easily be administered. Alsoanalyzing the data is not difficult. Questionnaires will therefore bedesigned with several questions that scrutinize the topic. After thequestions are prepared, the sampling of the respondents will be done.Later on, the questioners will be distributed randomly to the socialmedia users.

Howto Gather the Data Accurately

Accuracy in the collection of data can be ascertained by providingrespondents with adequate time to tackle the questions. Also, thequeries should be easy to understand therefore ensuring that therespondents to provide accurate information.