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Research Proposal Steps

ResearchProposal Steps

ResearchProposal Steps

Whypeople are buying online instead of going to the store?

Technologyhas impacted the current business trends. Regarding the purchasing ofproducts, this has included the interaction with the clients and theinclusion of other approaches such as shipment process (Shin et al.,2013). This section will, therefore, expound on these aspects in themodern business operation particularly the use of internet.


Currently,the world has shifted in the manner in which business is done. Thisis depicted from the use of technology in purchasing of products.Notably, this has affected various businesses especially those fromthe earlier ages (Lian &amp Yen, 2013). There is, therefore, need toevaluate why people are mainly purchasing products online through theinternet instead of visiting the store and the impacts that this hason a business. This will be the main focus of this section.


Whyare people buying online instead of going to the store?

Whatare the advantages and disadvantages for companies to have stores andpay rent?


Thisincludes the specific points that the research will address. Theywill involve understanding the reasons why people are using theinternet to purchase goods instead of visiting the stores, impact ofinternet as a technological factor in my business, advantages anddisadvantages of using the internet in my business and the merits anddemerits of organizations that have stores as a result of peopleusing the internet.

Justificationof the research

Thissection entails the main reasons why I will be doing my research.Essentially, I choose this topic since I want to understand theimpact of the internet as a technological factor in buying products.


Thissection will provide a detailed analysis of various studies that havebeen conducted in the past regarding the research topic. This sectionwill also analyse some of the studies that reflect on the impact ofonline purchase to both current organizations and those that stillhave stores.


Thispart refers to the strategy that will be employed in the researchproposal. Notably, the research will entail a mixed methodologyapproach quantitative and qualitative models. These are aimed atproviding a more detailed analysis of the research. Some of theapproaches will include survey and questionnaires.


Thissection will analyse the findings of my research from the methodsapplied. Some of the approaches that will be used to analyse theresults include the use of graphs and summary of the findings.

Conclusionand recommendation

Basedon the findings, I will then make profound conclusions and howbusinesses can be improved through the technological approaches.


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