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Response 2q1 Unit




Writing a prospectus is a critical part of a research project. Theprospectus template provides an introductory overview of the researchprocess. The proposal identifies the purpose of the study,objectives, theoretical framework and methodological approach to beused among other critical aspects (Denscombe 2013). The authorobserves that a prospectus is used in seeking funding and Hong andFong (2012) add that if it is written accordingly and properly filledout, it can come handy in the search for ethical research approval byrelevant bodies. In some cases, some methodological approaches anddata collection methods such as interviews may require approval. Forinstance, where research involving students or employees of a giveninstitution, it is necessary to seek approval from the school orfirm. The study is approved based on the information presented in theprospectus.

Another important aspect of the proposal is that it familiarizes theresearcher with various steps required in the research process.Sections such as the literature review assist the researcher toidentify important sources for the study. The results section alsoallows the researcher to clearly articulate what kind of results heor she expects to generate. This is very different to the actualresearch where the study shall have been conducted, and the resultspresented appropriately. The prospectus also grants the researcherthe opportunity to revise his or her approaches to the study. Therevision may involve the inclusion or consideration of the commentsof the supervisor and the College of Doctoral Studies (Walsh et al.,2015).

In summation, the prospectus is very different from the dissertation.While the latter captures the actual research, the former presentsthe plan for the final study. This does not mean that one is lessimportant than the other. Nonetheless, it is important that theprospectus preparation process includes the feedback from fellowstudents. At times, learning among peers is more effective as iteliminates the power differences between instructor and student thatmay impede learning. Thus, it is necessary to consider whether theresearch process can be enhanced by promoting more studentcollaboration.


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