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Response Paper



The paper aims at providing responses to the six threads madeabout the two stories presented.

First Part

First Story thread A – Reading through thestory you will realize that thebiggest issue is not him leaving but just going without notifying hisrelatives. Yes, he had to fendfor himself and his wife, but it was notright for him to ignore the parents. Heshould be sympathetic since they were living in abject poverty whilehe was running numerous companies.

First Story thread B –Truly, the uncle is not sympathetic,but neither is he guilty. If he were atfault, he would have shown a little more concern for hispeople. As noted in the story, his relatives are not living ahealthy life. Even if he was asked to leave to seek a betterlife, that does not mean he sends a littlemoney back home.

First Story thread C – It is okay that he is working hard to fendfor himself and the relatives. However, he needs to show a littlemore concern. For example, it is not right for him denying histribesmen.

Second Part

Second Story thread A –It istrue Borges undermines and this messes up everything. Realism isimportant in life since it prepares people to deal with situations.It is an officialthread that confirms the sick part of thestory.

Second Story thread B –It might not beright to just put off the idea of the Chinese spies with the Germans.It could be possible since all of them wereseeking victory even if it meant getting information from theenemies.

Second Story: thread C –The story mightbe a reality even if Burges tries to make it soundlike fiction. The best example would be where Yu Tsun isrunning away from Captain Madden at the railway station.